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Haunted Mansion Funko POP


  1. Harley

    These are awesome love em esp that they will be avaliable outside the parks which means it wont be priced as high which would be nice! But isnt it werid theres no hattie? Just my 2 cents.

    1. Mark

      Your more mansion lure then i am is this the only merch hattie hasnt been repped on??

      1. Michael Gavin

        Hattie was previously released. I took a peek online and found that character now sells for $400 -$500 depending where you find it and the variant.

  2. Harley

    I knew that some how michael but i forgot thanks for the info! And re mark i am a lover of lure as if the mansion was real and so i keep to origin stories etc. But i am not a keeper of keys as the saying goes i just have had a death certificate for a long time!

    1. Mark

      Wish you could get together w del toro and create a true hm movie between the both of you that could be epic my friend! I mean i know youve written scripts and design houses that are way better than anything at hhn i was just wondering w all your knowledge ….

      1. Harley

        Its called copywrite infringement! ?

  3. Robin

    The only bummer is the Madame Leota at the parks. When they released previously, I went to MK to get a set. Only 2 were left & was told someone had just been in & bought all the sets they had. 🙁 I’m going to hope they will limit how many can be purchased at a time.

    1. Harley

      Happens alot i hate when theres a limit and # then like you said limit the buying too! Or even better you see theres a demand order more like i know they did that with figment after 35 at epcot! Could all be worse try going to the park for a pop not realizing springs has the exclusive go to springs they look at you crooked and say did you check the parks? Happend w the orange bird pop w me!

  4. Nigel Williams

    I’ve been trying to ease off buying Funko Pop’s for fear of needing a new home to store them in but these are super cool … unlikely these will hit our Shores in the UK other than at collectors stores I guess.

  5. Dee

    Constance Hatchaway didn’t kill her husband to be called attic bride

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