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Marathon of Mayhem


  1. Harley

    I liked us but i dont think it fits hhn it will be the same scare the true psychological thought of the movie will be lost why they never did a full hitchcock house…. i was also looking forward to the toothfairy rumored original… no offense but why cant hhn hollywood stick to there black wall ips and uo goes back to what they were good at all originals! and before someone comments wtf under me… you think about it the originals come up on top every yr!

  2. Mark

    Honestly hhn in recent yrs to me at uo is like wdw forgetting they started by a mouse hhn forgets they were built on great originals its sad but true as much as hollywood fans on social ride our coattails your even is hhn 2019 not 29 we are 29 bc its been 29 yrs for us go play in a black walled corner and learn to count will you!

    1. Harley

      That was better than my post that never got here bc it got blocked by a pop up ad which is a huge issue this site has besides videos that block pgs sometimes! Nothing against itm just wish it be less or wouldnt block comments etc.

      1. Harley

        Ps. Ignore this post thanks itm!

  3. Mark

    Harley dont be sorry itm videos blocking is one thing its there site but its annoying to now be blocked by outside ads and surveys like the obnoxious wendys ad thats been up lately!
    On another note why does ghosts in graveyards or graveyard games or whatever it is sound like kids walked into a “swinging wake” type of atmosphere and bc its hhn (and they can bring the horror wdw fans dont get tragically is there) they can get away with it? Also is it bc the movie is barely out but what about scary stories i thought that ip would have been a quick no brainer and bc they are hhn can ask for other stories (would love to see a real sams new pet etc) not just in movie or is it just me!?

    1. Harley

      Are you just still jealous hhn wouldnt hire you all those yrs ago my friend?
      Scary stories though btw was dumb though graveyard games will be interesting if treated right! As a clairvoyant i hope it is!

      1. Mark

        I am happy where i am! Ms. Your beyond working hhn i considering our event to be better (ok maybe not in houses but we trump you in #of shows). Something to be said to being open the age bracket is still just as scary and watching kids scream is the best!

  4. Harley

    Anyways back to hhn discussion…
    I wonder now after watching scary stories if it was supose to be that N they lost the ip very early or they said no not realizing bc it wasnt out yet if it could wrk. And hhn just went ok well we did winters night lets just use everything and make an original!? And bc its too late to play w ghosts in a graveyard they made something else out if it! Just a thought???

    1. Harley

      Btw scarezones have been announced i think hhn is missing walking dead we have 2 zombie sorry undead zones and meh… anyone still intrigued though by vanity ball?!

      1. Mark

        I wish i could come down for the lagoon show though i was hoping w all the 21 love they throw death drums back in from left! Why is it every time its like i am going to skip bc its getting boring uni finds a way to go ok but we will give you this??? Though the lack of originals which is what they are built on is astounding!

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