Comments for Halle Bailey, Auli’i Cravalho respond to #NotMyAriel backlash from “The Little Mermaid” casting

The Little Mermaid halle bailey auli'i cravalho

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  1. Harley

    Omg its a fairytale character! At least they are still doing their disney thing and not the real story which is really sad and no happily ever after! Say what you will but these gals are both brilliant performers! I can not wait to see em! Those that are making these # complaints def arent theatre people bc it wouldnt matter then!

    1. Eli

      I absolutely agree, she is more than qualified for this role. People need to have more awareness of how unnecessarily rude they are using this hashtag.

      1. Harley

        I am vintage and i do not get # in general to me that stands for number! Make fun of me but i been different my whole life and not changing now! Why i think this is all so crazy!

    2. Melissa Adams

      I wish the #NotMyAriel haters would shut up. Who cares about TLM’s race? I read the original fairytale and HCA never specified race!

      1. Mark

        Actually it said the princess had pale skin and blonde hair

        1. Kristy

          Actually the original story had the mermaid with slimy green skin and scales.

  2. Des

    I don’t support this at all. Make new characters of ethnicity and leave the others alone. I hope the whole thing flops.

    1. Lila

      What is wrong with them trying to be more inclusive instead of giving in to Disney’s whitewashed background. There are two princess of color. I say good for them trying to add diversity. And I doubt it’ll flop.

  3. Michelle Vierra

    Don’t care who plays Ariel just don’t get rid of the red hair. That is what made the character unique.

  4. Stop with the hate towards Halle Bailey she will make a beautiful Ariel and get rid of the red hair! That’s my Ariel!

  5. Cristina

    I support the #NotMyAriel hashtag 100%

    1. nora

      why? literally WHY? there’s no reason for all the backlash

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