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    And before the naysayers get here look pictures w proof kids like star wars they are there was there today as well and a cm saw my daughter and few others having a moment while waiting and played a game with them then vi and rey came over told them a story! Speaking of stories most books are written for kids and young adults not for adults if kids didnt like star wars then why market anything to them??? Why have jedi training academy at all??? Why is training academy always full before noon for the whole day??? And btw i dont want some dark side or uni fan whose lost on a disney fansite to answer i dont want answers these are just logical points! And may the force be with you!

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    Crowds are heavy on the mornings, but they moderate in the afternoon and evenings. Smugglers Run is 80 minutes or less in the afternoon like Disneyland, while Disneyland’s line can be 60 minutes in the evening. Not a sign of success for a new attraction. Everyone is waiting for Rise of Resistance. Maybe it’ll save land. Eventually, they must add more Original Trilogy.

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      Batuu isnt for this! Its your experience you want orginal go make love to star tours and leave batuu alone have you gone yet that your so critcal??? I hate when people give opinions and they havent gone!
      Second you do make one pt many are waiting till the experience is complete to go and then the #s will tell in dec and next yr for dl! But then other things will open it will be there chance and batuu will just be another experience but it wont fade there are fans of this new area and they will come back!

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        How has this worked? No one has reported the do it yourself experience at Batuu. It takes only a hour or two to walk around discover Batuu and leave without learning anything new. Worse thing all the plot points that could have been interesting to Star Wars fans was destroyed forever in The Last Jedi and they made it clear those 30 years of material will never appear in the land. Batuu is about the blue haired Resistance girl and Hondo. Lame.

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    Thats your opinion but many fans love the new movies as much as the old and the critics do too $$$ doesnt lie and it made $$$ and so will this!!! No i dont think harley meant its build an experience she meant it as wdw is an experience and if you cant see it as such we said it before then DO NOT GO!!! Theres other parks that will have you and you can ride rides there and not have to worry! You know we have bad weather coming many are concerned about that so many experienced like characters etc might be limited! Also like harley i was told to star tours was staying open w jedi academy bc thats classic as much as classics are and batuu is new! They even say when your looking for something to go to tatooine bc its not on batuu meaning go to star tours! I am not the biggest star wars fan but i love batuu for the pts it is and yes its unfinished but that doesnt tell me i should hate it! Btw reading black spire book right now and it helps develop the story of batuu.

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    Her name is vi and shes not lame she was sent by leia to help the resistance! Shes a great character from the books pick up one and edu yourself! I notice you only come to an article you can complain on you never go anywhere else just complain and be negative! Its one thing to have an opinion its another to put down half a site by that negatvity! You insult us like we arent fans and we are uneducated bc we dont share your opinion and you even multi times put down the site and insulted the article writers!!

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    Rebel porg

    The negative comes out people worshiping these characters like their heros! They are flawed they are human just like us! Its a metaphor for life does it have to be dummied down for you thats why theres no good scifi movies anymore and btw syfy movie of the week is f ok not B bmovies like at scifi were campy but they had a point or a moral you dont have that now! The only thing that came out of last movie to me was porgs and making flawed characters more flawed! Bc we have to dummy it down for people! Dont blame kids either rebels was a very smart show glad to see hondo in batuu and vi is so cool! I would rather watch a movie about batuu thats new and could have possibilities esp aftet visiting and seeing it and reading phasm and now black spire vi’s story is refreshing bc its NEW and so is batuu! VS We screwed up by not following books of cannon so brilliantly written and there and now there na but wait we screwed up writing so lets use it sure no one will know…. i know! I grew up around good scifi movies! Jacen and ren have way too much in common!

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