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Frozen 2

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  1. Harley

    Honestly i do not care either way i heard this back and forth so many times the love of the sisters is whats important thats what this is all about in the honor of elsa… let it go!

    1. Mark

      Exactly and as a proud gay man whose had to sit through frozen let it go isnt about coming out its about shes aloud to be free to do icy stuff and be her! But then she hurts her sister and now shes the monster they see her N she hides again or tries to ( dame you hans)!
      As a proud gay man and a parent i do not have explain to my child if she was “out” its a cartoon my child should see her fav characters on another adventure for truth which is what this is not is elsa gay or not?! I am sorry if this was another movie its ok in a cartoon my daughter is 4 i dont think i need to explain whom daddy is to her at 4! She just wants to twirl around and be a princess (actually thanks to batuu shes rey but you get my pt hopefully).

      1. Harley

        As you shouldnt have to worry my friend! Others might disagree but parenting is hard enough teaching them to be themselves and love themselves in this world we live in i think thats why monster from the musical is a more profound song then let it go in this day and age! I was once told by my grandma (may she rip) that you need to be the parent your child needs not the parent the world or even other family expect you to be! I wish you and my niece well! Your a great dad! ?

    2. Debra Smith

      I want her to have a love interest and i hope her parents are a live

  2. Jack

    If they make Elsa gay any time in the future then I will personally disconnect from Disney and not allow my child to watch it. Although gays can be gay I think that putting them in children shows is rubbish. It’s horrible and disgusting. Carton are for kids to ENJOY. They are not for adults or the LQBT. They are for children enjoyment and not brainwashing.

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