Comments for Epcot’s new Moana attraction isn’t actually a ride: What we know so far

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Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Everything at wdw is an experience everyone seems to forget that bc they only want the rides but wdw nor dl and all the other parks werent built on rides but experiences… even walt called the attractions experiences! He wanted you to get lost in the worlds you entered not just ride a ride! The journey of water and the wonders of the water cycle are a huge natural resource no one gets is a huge part of earths greatest balance and its nice they found way to connect it to moana whom desperately needed representation at the parks! I am also glad this will continue the ideas walt wanted for epcot which was the value of learning!
    When it comes to opening date i thought chopek said they are going to try have this all ready to go by the 50th! Or was i hearing things?

    1. Mark

      Your points are brilliant you speak with the heart of walt! Everyone does forget wdw is an experience not a theme park of rides which is walts dream! Its called a place where an adult could be a child and enjoy life! Families could get away! Disney company has gotten all about the money and so many just tag a long and go heres my money new ride please and completely forget why they are here! Then say we are all still wearing rose tinted glasses its like we see whats going on but can ignore it on shear fact of placing ones self into the experience and having fun! Epcot was created to learn and have fun at the same time thats why the possibilities are endless if you can not open your eyes to the experience why be here? Other parks will easily take your money!
      I can not wait to bring down my daughter for this, mary and play pavilion for the learning experiences epcot is all about!

      1. Harley

        Thank you humbled but i am not walt i am just someone whose inspired by his legacy and love for his experiences! Wdw is nothing to me at least wo experiences and i can not wait for this one plus all the new ones epcot will have to offer!

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