Comments for Epcot Re-imagined, French style: World Showcase France pavilion overhaul

france pavilion epcot world showcase

Credit: D23


  1. Mark

    Why does everyone keep saying new logo thats the orginal logo minus the center part theres nothing new about it! What is new is the new beginning and hope all this gives for the future of epcot! I am def looking forward to seeing remy and all the new experiences our new worlds have to offer! Walt is def smiling today!

    1. Harley

      I believe he as well as marty skyler both are ?

  2. Jackie

    So the ride is a imagination like vehicle that looks like a rat or remy sorry but this is what i am waiting to ride?
    It doesnt make sense guess that ol joke makes sense …
    P1: this doesnt make sense
    P2: it doesnt have to its french

    1. Harley

      Yes and yes hopefully that answers you! ?

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