Comments for Edna Mode is coming to an all-new reimagined Epcot, darling

edna mode



  1. Aubrey Romines

    I’m excited for her to come epcot

  2. Harley

    Okay this first so cool to see wonders of life not just sit in the wonders of ? Unless its festival time. I will give into the play pavlion name just to see the pavlion alive again!
    To me though i was learning about the wonders of life as a kid it was already kind of a play pavlion and def a place to go to hide from the fl heat!
    Can not wait too see it!
    Btw this shows my age my kid had to explain that the symbol looks like a controller! ?

    1. Mark

      We are all children whom turn into aging adults your not alone my daughter has to explain whom half these characters are bc i do not know new disney! At least you just didnt get a symbol!

  3. Melanie

    I can’t wait for all of these new and exciting changes!

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