Comments for Disneyland releases exclusive Fantasyland-themed Starbucks drinks

Disneyland starbucks

Credit: Bailee Abell / ITM Reporter


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    they are main street electrical parade themed 🙂 not fantasy land 🙂

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      Hate to break it to ya the article states “in honor of the return of the parade Starbucks has drinks named after fantasyland attractions”. Though if we are going to be correct it should be locations not attractions.

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    Aww amazing!!! I’ve loved following your blog – your amazing recipes (many of which I’ve tried and loved!), beautiful photos and refreshing writing! I’m looking forward to your new cookbook – what an awesome work! Congratulations!

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    I know bc they are in honor of dl and mselp but i wish they could show up at mk would love to try the frap 😊

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