Comments for BREAKING: Guests at Disneyland may have measles exposure


Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    Thats why vaxxing esp for kids is important! Now we are given choices back when i was a kid you were given this so not to get very sick or die god forbid! My well wishes go out to the person whom has the measles and anyone else whom may god forbid be sick! I know flu B is being alert its back out there so everyone stay safe!

    1. Harley

      This right here is sad! I feel bad like you said mark for parties for dl etc. But unlike the flu that only have like a few strands that can cause hosp visits or worse… MMR etc are vaxxs for reason they are known to be highly contagious illnesses and have caused deaths. Like you said an anti vaxxer is bound to clap back but just look at this example: is it worth putting everyone on alert & is it worth it that this person is sick? My thoughts go out!

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