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    All APs are unblocked since mid-August. Didn’t the crowds re-materialize? I guess not. Crowds are still waiting for something to make them return like RISE OF ACTUAL STAR WARS. Original Trilogy or Bust. They’re busted.

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      Red Trolley ended early due to construction interfering with its operation. And Lion King had fewer dancers due to union complaints that non union performers were being used. Instead of hiring union performers Disney just cut those roles

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    The issue is dl isnt going to have what wdw bc they dont have the space! Wdw also cant hold a tier to their #s in annuals and tourists bc more people come here! Also swge already has the $$$ that potter had at uni between both parks already and they are still yrs to come! I agree what people said on other places its friendly comp between companies that the fans just make out to be a fight and hate!

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      Why say lot word when few word do trick

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      Red Trolley ended early due to construction interfering with its operation. And Lion King had fewer dancers due to union complaints that non union performers were being used. Instead of hiring union performers Disney just cut those roles

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    They keep raising their prices for ticket holders and AP. Maybe this could be contributing. I know a bunch of AP holders
    who didn’t renew because of the price jump 2 years in a row.

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      Ours are insane too and theres obviously people still paying at wdw… are yours at almost 2k for a person then we will talk whose worse!

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    Bob Chapek: “Crowds don’t define success, great experiences do”. Turns out great experiences are also defined by crowds… or lack of.

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    Galaxy’s Edge is a complete failure. Combine that with rising ticket prices and you get lower attendance and no “new” repeat Galaxy’s Edge-inspired visitors. Meanwhile Disney is dealing with their financial failures by scaling back entertainment and atmosphere for the people who are willing to pay for an arm and a leg for ticket or AP. They would be in a completely different financial situation if they weren’t so stubborn to think SW fans would connect with anything in Galaxy’s Edge. What a shame.

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      I’ll be visiting next month with my family. I visited last year in feburary. It brought back so many memories of my childhood. Ticket price yeah was outrageous but then again putting a smile on my kids face is priceless. One suggestion though. Let the haters hate. U cant please everyone these days.

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    Bob Chapek: “Hey, I know what will bring more people into the park. We’ll give them less value for their money. Then they’ll come back in droves!”

    Some now-fired intern: “Um, sir, could it be the fact that the new Star Wars Land only promised two rides, and couldn’t even deliver on that in time for the opening? It’s basically a shopping mall with a simulator ride in it.”

    Chapek: “Nonsense. LESS VALUE! That’s what people crave!”

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    How much could live entertainers really cost Disneyland???
    It seems to me that having more options for guests to do, rather than standing in long lines, would be a good thing.
    By saving a few pennies, they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Everytime one goes there, expecting to enjoy their favorite act (read, Billy Hill & the Hillbillies), only to find out that they’re not there, it makes one disappointed, and questioning whether their money was actually well spent.
    My wish list:
    1. Bring back the People Mover.
    2. Bring back Billy Hill & the Hillbillies (they look so sad at Knott’s).
    3. Bring back Bugs’ Life
    4. Have the jazz musicians playing more often at the French Market.

    … And do that many people ACTUALLY buy churros there??? Why all the hype???

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      Actually if ent is same at dl as wdw alot bc they are equity and professional actors they make their pay balance and medical is going to be different for them bc though other cms get sick or hurt they can slide of the stage god forbid or break something! I know someone whom was from broadway and he got his regular pay (which was $1500 wkly) then your average cm ($15 for ft) and starter ent ($200 wk)!

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      Billy Hill is doing great at Knotts!! Better seating and everyone is closer! DL’s loss is Knotts gain… even bought a season pass for the farm!!!!!

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    I quote yoda
    Failiure is the best teacher! If it fails they learn though to them this is a sucess bc of wdw not dl they knew it was going to succeed at wdw thats where the tourists go thats where the crowds are obviously!
    You all have your arguements my dumb ride is better than your dumb ride but thats your downfall IT IS an experience at wdw thats what walt built the parks on!!! Other parks are just rides! I live in hershey and i lived in va w bgw thats all rides and i can tell you its not the same but its not supose to be! If you think thats disney you need to take off rose tinted glasses and see stuff and enjoy it! Your on vacation enjoy it or not if you live there you have a choice and thats all its about! But its not disney fault you have a negative opinion or positive we are human and have OUR OWN opinions disney doesnt go love us or die thats all on you!

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    Don’t think they should cut the shows. What about the attendees that ARE there? They should be able to enjoy all Disney has to offer, whether it’s a light crowd or not! They pay the same to get in!

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    Lower admission prices equal more attendance. It’s not that hard to figure out.

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    Armando Ceja

    How about lowering your prices..stop being greedy..

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      Except they cant they need the money to run parks build attractions and pay cms including these ent cms that doesnt come from thin air you know!

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        Harley your right theres a reason other parks can sit pretty in the cheap zone they arent on the DOW and being look up to as a big business. second you can then say well plsces like hershey are seasonal and do the same wo raising much well the key word there is seasonal! Wdw nor dl is seasonal! They are a 24/7 business bc just bc your asleep in a hotel doesnt mean there isnt a 3rd shift working on the clock! And just like harley said they have to get paid! Just like disney has to make money or it all be over! Walt was a good business man but we can say he wouldnt be about the $$$ but if it wasnt the business it is today and it was struggling walt wasnt a dumb business man either! Would tuckets be so expensive one would hope not but the old adage of someone has to provide comes to mind too! Look at streetmosphrere at dhs and mk its all but gone too! So dl is in good company!

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    Stacey Samson

    Why don’t they just lower the cost of admission so those California residents with big families like ours can go again? We didn’t renew our annual passes because they hiked it so much. Taking away the live entertainment isn’t going to help lower admission problems, and it makes it less entertaining for those who are paying the high costs.

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    Arthur Morris

    It’s a shame that we have to suffer for Disney blenders first of all they could have had more crowds over the summer if they would have opened up the blackout dates for the other annual passholders especially the deluxe pass holders they unblock the cast members to grab to get people in there but they didn’t open it up for AP holders and yet we have to suffer because they wanted open Galaxy’s Edge before both rides were reading it was premature for them to open up Galaxy’s Edge when they did

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      Joleen C Westmoreland

      I’m from California but live in AZ and we stopped going because it’s so ridiculous how much tickets cost and then you get in the park and have to fight crowds. It’s just not a good experience as it use to be unfortunately. The parking is even so expensive and look how far away from the park you are…crazy!

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    Roberto Saucedo

    Simply disappointing…

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    When going to Disneyland is more expensive than going to Hawaii there’s a problem. I’ll pick Hawaii every time.

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    Walking over dollars to pick up pennies, DL! This is so sad to hear. Many families with young children or older grandparents rely on those sideshows for entertainment, an escape from the heat, or to rest your feet. So very sad to hear LiVE entertainment is being taken away from the experience. Really these are the things that set DL apart from any other themepark. We miss the good old days when America Sings or The Country bear Jamboree were on our check list of things to do. Now where am I suposed to have my lunch and hillbilly jokes too?

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    iris maldonado

    Everything is EXPENSIVE, is ridiculous pay for parking,pay for pictures, pay for express line,they don’t have the characters walking around ANYMORE,plus food n souvenirs…in resume DISNEYLAND NEEDS CUT at LEAST parking n food, please dont increase the TICKET PRICE!

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    Just went to Disneyland there were more people there than in China and India combined. These stories are just attempts to give people the wrong impression that Disneyland isn’t crowded. Dude, it is!

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      I tend to go about once a week. Believe me, the attendence is noticeably low.

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    I am sadden that ent is being shot in the ft at dl those cms wrk a hard job to entertain! They are the forgotten cms sometimes bc everyone wants a ride or whats new but ent is part of it all too! I dont think we have experiences wo entertainment we wouldnt have mickey if walt didnt want to entertain! The big issue is capacity at dl is going to always look low to someone whom knows and only sees a higher capacity spot like wdw bc it is higher dl wont have that they dont have to space bc the parks are smaller! But then again if walt didnt learn he needed more room for guests there wouldnt be wdw!

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    Thanks for sharing your picture…

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    Bob Chapek: “Crowds don’t define success, great experiences do”. Turns out great experiences are also defined by crowds… or lack of.

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