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service dog

Credit: Megan Leigh


  1. Sara

    I’m curios that this handler can afford an annual pass to Disney world but was begging for donations for basic things like clothes and dog food.

    1. ty Mann

      Sara, have you ever thought that maybe someone else purchased the annual tickets for them, like a family memeber or maybe a friend, church members, etc, before jumping to conclusions and making basically, a nasty statement? I have a service dog as well and he is loved by my friends, family and community. They have helped in many ways without me asking and when I do need help, they are very supportive. Maybe the annual pass was given to her by the “Make a Wish Foundation.” You don’t actually know what her illness or circumstances are and I think your comment lacks empathy. Can’t anyone just enjoy a happy story without picking it apart to find some kind of fault these days? People in this world have become so judgemental, prejudice and have no empathy. Just enjoy the story and move on.

      1. Harley

        Thats why one should never judge a book by its cover!

        1. LaughinPlace

          Funny you say that considering this handler is CONSTANTLY calling other people out and judging them on her social media platforms over the most trivial things. She LOVES to video other service dog handlers and their dogs “attacking poorly” so other people can judge them.

          1. Dj

            I heard this dog dead

    2. Vanessa

      Yes! I have a Autism Service Dog as well, we actually hangout with Megan and Nala at Disney as much as we can. We love them ❤

    3. Sen

      I’m curious as to where it says she was begging for stuff. I must have missed that part in the article.
      ~Sevice Dog Owner

    4. Melanie Durham

      I agree, you have no idea what her situation is! Maybe she has an inheritance where she is able to do these things as well! Don’t judge!! Plain and simple! Just be nice please

    5. Corbin

      I’ve seen her begging for donations. Not a good look since she spends more time at Disney than actually working.

  2. Stephanie

    I am so touched with this article..My service dog passed away in 2015.It was very hard for me so I know how valuable and how important these dogs jobs are.These are very special dogs..I love these dogs..theyre Awesome.

    1. Melanie Durham

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend Stephanie !

  3. Harley

    I will repeat dont judge a book no one knows her situation nor her personal and to laughin place i dont know her from adam but i am respecting her and her needs and her beautiful service friend bc thats all i can do! I wasnt raised to judge! I stick to my statement!

  4. Mn

    I heard that she got kicked out her dog wasn’t actually a service dog it was an emotional support dog was wondering if anyone else heard about this. But I can’t agree a autism dog is more of a motional support than a service dog a service dog does every day task with helping people get dressed and opening up doors. also heard and saw several of YouTube videos of her being nasty to other people and does the employees I heard she is very violence but once again I DK and one of her videos I did see she cut into someone else’s conversation are you doing the point what rights that she have to say if her dog was a service dog ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  5. Mn

    I heard that this dog was not a service dog but emotional support dog. Also heard that the owner/handle her trainer is very rude and even complained about every little thing. If she doesn’t want the attention then why does she put it out there not talking about the dog but the pictures and video she doesI heard that this dog was not a service dog but emotional support dog. Also heard that the owner/handle her trainer is very rude and even complained about every little thing. If she doesn’t want the attention

  6. DJ

    Autistic dogs or not therapy dogs they are emotional support dogs.

    1. Angie

      Actually Nala is a task trained service animal. She is tasktrained to perform crowd control when walking, and medical alerts for PTSD. The difference between an ESA and a service dog is the training and public manners.

      1. Corbin

        I would hope this dog has solid “crowd control” with how often Megan seeks attention at the parks. Not to mention how often the dog is distracted by characters and others approaching her to take pictures. She claims it’s a “reward” for her doing her job. The dog is hardly ever doing it’s job considering she’s at Disney more than she’s actually working. #sorrynotsorry

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