Comments for BREAKING: Storm causes Disney World power outages, major attraction closures

disney springs power outage

Credit: Kurt Schmidt / The Weather Channel


  1. Harley

    Its really scary and this is just a regular fl storm! Took my mom 2 hours to get home and we almost lost power lots of direct straight down lighting ans criss cross rain! i pray that Darien path even if it doesnt change its not a hurricane etc. Stay safe itm team, everyone staying in fl and everyone living in fl!

  2. alex

    You need to take a geography course. Tropical Storm Dorian is almost 2,000 miles away from Orlando. It’s literally impossible for it to affect weather in Florida right now.

    1. Harley

      I never said it close we arent getting word till thurs for the wkend! Though last night storm was really bad! And this wkend might be we were all warning travelers to stay safe as this is a fan site for the magic also for everyone in fl to stay safe bc though you think i need a geo degree maybe you should get one in metrology bc it still could be bad for us in fl and its best to be prepared then go its never coming here like you… every model except for 2 has it headed to fl as something best be prepped and send well wishes!

      1. Mark

        Agree harley the last time i heard from friends whom were lot like alex they did nothing was irma bc the models showed nothing and then it came and everyone panicked! Its best to be prepared regular storm major storm! Dhs lost power yesterday too its really scary when the power goes out with lighting and everything!
        So fingers crossed its nothing major and stay safe everyone esp those in the islands whom are getting a cat 1 hurricane!

  3. Jackie

    I have family in PR and also i am in fl this storm is scary bc its stable…
    And every model has it coming to FL my weather center just showed 75 mph and either Trop Storm or could be worse H2.
    Alex you make it sound like if its not dorian or a bad storm it doesnt count i lived in fl for many yrs and theres been storms like yesterdays that was rather scary direct straight lighting power outages etc. Sometimes my block gets so flooded i cant leave my house till it clears!
    I also agree w mark its scary at the parks when the power shuts down or theres a bad storm theres only so much to keep people calm!

    1. Harley

      I hope your family is ok jackie and you stay safe and i hope everyone stays safe last i heard it is going to be a high trop storm or cat 2 hurricane!
      I hope if your at the parks you listen to cm hotels etc for safety directions and to not complain bc safety will be priority for everyone including their cm etc as it should be and guests sometimes forget that! Stay safe!

  4. K Roth

    Oh stop about not having power. Try flying into MCO during this like I was last night. One crack of lighting made our plane shake so hard I thought it struck us. So be happy that you were on the ground without power!

    1. Harley

      Sorry to hear about your flight but thats not a reason to take it out on any of us mco shouldnt have called your plane in besides should have had it delayed from where you came from… thats really sad and on mco the weather was horrible for hrs ! My mom had to drive home in and i have many times so believe me its not go either way!

      1. Laura

        This storm was crazy. I live 10 miles west of Disney property and it was hurricane type winds for about 20 minutes. It came from the gulf of Mexico which has nothing to do with Dorian in the south carribean.

  5. Jackie

    I agree harley and k weather puts breaks on traveling for sure its scary they let you land in that last time they actually had us circling an area outside of the front so we wouldnt be in it!
    I thank you harley for the well wishes and you stay safe too! Its crazy when its the unknown when its a regular storm at least you see it coming!

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