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    Fifth gate!

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    They are going to make animated movies based on the live action films Aladdin and The Lion King!

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      David H Schroeder

      Brilliant! 🙂

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    A new world showcase pavilion for epcot reboot or put coco into mexico to add to ipcot but at least its one everyone loves… i dont know about you but donde esta donald i rather have the hola mis amigos boat back!

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    5th gate?? Airline? MCU Phase 5? The anniversary of Disney world? A new park in the Middle East? I wanna knowwwww

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    Film Fan

    My hopes (even if they may not happen) for this include:

    – A return for Roger Rabbit in film and TV.
    – More 2-D hand-drawn movies.
    – The theatrical cuts of the original Star Wars trilogy getting released on Blu-Ray and online.
    – The Incredibles 3, and maybe an animated series.
    – New ideas.
    – An announcement regarding no more live-action remakes.
    – Getting to meet digital projections of animated Disney/Pixar characters in the theme parks.
    – A series that shows how most of the Pixar films are connected.
    – A Zootopia-themed park to replace parts of Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
    – More Oswald the Lucky Rabbit projects.
    – Gigantic being back in production.
    – Agent Carter making a return to TV to fill in the gaps and expand on Captain America’s ending in Avengers: Endgame.

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      Leslie Carlisle

      I hate to burst your bubble but there’s about a 0% chance they’ll tear down/replace ANY part of Pandora.

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      Does anyone else have a problem reading the articles, when I read them an annoying video pops up.

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        All the time pam your not alone. And when you scroll downward something else happens so i give up sometimes! And to film fan while some of your ideas are great like disney going back to handdrawn or more presence of oswald (love wdw to get a chance for park character) but thats like telling a horizons fan like me its coming back or orange bird might return etc! There pipe dreams while great disney wont do it! They care sadly about $$$ not fans! Just look how much they cater to tourists and not fans or locals! Its just sad but very true! Giving us vintage merch etc only goes so far to bury our feelings of what was lost! And yet we all still hope something might turn around for the better…

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        Ryan M

        Yep. It’s difficult looking at many websites these days. Waaayyyy too many ads and video pop-ups.

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    I would love it to be the announcement of a new animated original movie that isn’t a sequel.
    Maybe ‘Song of the South’ being made available on DVD for a limited time so people can make their own minds up – I had it on VHS when i was little and was too young to notice the racial things, I watched it for the brer stories and of course ‘Zip a Dee Doo Dah’
    I’d love to see ‘Aida’ back in production, as well as ‘Gigantic’.

    What I expect: a live action remake of something that doesn’t need to be remade; a 5th toy story; or maybe flip it on it’s head, an animated remake of Bedknobs and Broomsticks!

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      Film Fan

      Song of the South came out on video? I never saw it in stores.

      I don’t know about a Toy Story 5. I think Toy Story is officially done. It feels that way, too. If you want to continue some of the adventures of Woody and Bo Peep, we should see that on a series that focuses on other Pixar characters.

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        I can’t say if it was on vhs in the states, but I know in the UK it was as I used to watch it when I was much younger, as I said for the brer stuff. It wouldn’t surprise me if I still have it in my parents loft somewhere.

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          I’m in the US and remember watching it a lot. I can’t specifically remember having the VHS, but I don’t know how else I would have seen it as much as I did. I never thought it was racist, loved the movie. I had no clue what racism was back then to put it together.

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    Fifth gate in Florida, third gate in California, or the long-rumored Texas Disney park. One of those for sure..l

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    A new attraction celebrating the 100th anniversary of Disney Co at each Disney Park worldwide.

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    5th gate.. yes…please!!!

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    I would like to see an expansion of Epcot’s World Showcase. America’s Got Talent has shown there is incredible talent from all around the world. I haven’t been to Epcot in a few years, but wouldn’t be nice if there were more pavilions sharing some of that talent? Currently, there are 11 countries with pavilions. At last count, “there are 195 countries in the world, 193 of which are members of the United Nations” (

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      They made noise about brazil, aussie and india months ago but hasnt gone anywhere more than its coming eventually so hoping for the best! I love world showcase but it be nice to have more countries! I remember even what they did w millennium celebration where it was all in the one building (now fest/party only building between uk and canada) though on top of each was pretty sweet and more than what we have now!

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    Disney will announce plans to finally take parking underground, and enlarge Disneyland and Ccalifornia Adventure to better accomodate all the visitors!!!!!

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    I would of thought any plans for a fifth gate would wait until 2021 for the 50th anniversary but we can live in hope. Maybe they’ll want to pull another “MGM Studios” and open before Universal 🤣

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      Yes and also to spight uni wdw will follow suite by throwing everything that they claim cant fit at the orginal parks into this one just like uni is doing obviously!
      Wdw take though will be:
      Beastly kingdom or zootopia for dak
      Epcot moving vintage future world here so ipcot can stay
      Mk things like nightmare aec reboot villains and all “too scary for kiddo” properties 😏

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    Del Torro’s haunted mansion finally going into production

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        Ps. To this just saw scary stories and though del toro was just story he put his hand and by god it showed what he could do w hm! And knowing hes a huge fan! Btw disney listen please scary stories is pg13 and did the stories justice he can do the same w hm! If anyone can do it it should be someone whom knows mansion!

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    Disney Cruise Line news. Nothing about that since we found out they are building 3 new ships.

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    Disney buys back the Spider-Man rights from Sony

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      They own the rights to spiderman bc they own marvel do you mean owning movie rights?? Then i agree w you and like to add get rights back from uni for the rest or have them pay more! Or hold them ransom you want this well you cant have a better project then us!

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    Steve A

    It’s probably not true, but I read a rumor Disney is making their 5th park right next to Animal Kingdom. It will be called Disney’s Beastly Kingdom (possibly Dominion). The lands would consist of a central Dragon section (Discovery Island), an Egypt section (Africa), Australia (Asia), a Stars Wars snow planet (Dinoland) and Fantasia (Pandora).

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      Steve beastly kingdom was once part of the ideas for dak a long time ago hence dragon on logo and in lot! It is tragically now pandora! Nothing has been said from that but i like your concept! Except the star wars part i can see them building it like zootopia and as you go into each land its totally a surprise!

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        Steve A

        LOL, I already know about BK the land. This is a different rumor Harley, probably just made up to get people’s attention.

        They also said “Sister Parks” have been discussed for all the theme parks with parking garages connecting them with the originals.

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    I am a new Disney Fan Member, so I am a little confused. If D23 Expo is on Friday, August 23rd through Sunday, August 25th and they are going to announce their Secret Project on Thursday, August 22nd, where is this announcement taking place and how will we be one of the first to know about this “Secret Project”???? Thanks!

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    Death of Star Wars

    I have heard it might be the 100th Celebration of the Walt Disney Company and celebrated across all Disney parks, media, merchandise etc. Iger did mention a 100th year celebration at their 3Q meeting but he said it was a “secret.”

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