Comments for Disney to make live-action Tarzan, could star Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds as Tarzan

Source: CNBC/Disney


  1. T

    I’m torn with this one, I’m not really excited about the onslaught of remakes, or as I like to call them sheer laziness in storytelling, but the idea of Ryan Reynolds in a loin cloth is kind of appealing

  2. Nichole

    Alexander Skarsgard was brilliant in legend! If you insist on remaking it then get him! he has already proven he can do it! Ryan Reynolds is great and all, it I almost feel like he is too big like this roll.

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  4. If they really need to remake Tarzan, I wouldn’t pick somebody like Ryan Reynolds at all. Instead, here are some suggested alternatives I have:
    1. John Boyega or Daniel Kaluuya as Tarzan himself.
    2. Somebody like Lashana Lynch, Tracy Ifeachor, or maybe Letitia Wright for Jane (though probably with a different name if you’re getting my drift).
    3. Adewale or Idris Elba for the “Clayton” figure.
    4. But who would play Jane’s dad…coming up REAL short here, but maybe someone like John Kani? But preferably more comedic…

    They’d all have different backstories from their animated equivalents, but I see that as good since this shouldn’t be a shot-for-shot replica anyway.

  5. Harley

    I dont want Ryan Reynolds bc he seems to be everyone go to guy when everyone else says NO ok well lets ask ryan sure he will say yes! I also wouldnt mind seeing it in the style of tarzan rocks if we arent going serious bc theres been plenty of serious (bombed) movies! And phil collins wrote great songs that i doubt disney will forget!

  6. Anthony m Kinney

    disney has to get someone like johnny weissmuller , lex barker , or gordon scott someone who can do the yell and as a kid I got to meet these 3 men tarzan’s an they were the only men who could do the yell .

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