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Main Street U.S.A. Magic Kingdom 1972

Credit: Jonathan Blair/Getty Images


  1. Mark

    This article should be titled vintage disney that will never return but everyone wants back!
    Change is good sometimes but in disney case change should be examined alittle closer before up and doing it! Also knowing a simple update with the times could do alot more than redoing it completely and having millions of fans upset enough they leave and never come back and then theres a drop in $$$ and you wonder why???

  2. James

    Looks like you have the wrong date on the Prime Time Cafe. It didn’t open until 1989 with the rest of the park.

    1. Harley

      I was going to say that along with adding those were the good ol days before prime time got in trouble by people whom didnt get the joke… and now we have a pc version of the restaurant no one is screaming at each other, calling each other family, yelling about elbows on the table nor punishing you for it! That was the fun of the restaurant now why go?

      1. Mark

        Are you kidding me they do not do it anymore? I remember alot of ent people whom didnt have jobs at the moment wrked there and sci fi just bc it was like acting! Wow and i thought aec closing bc it scared 10 kids was bad! Your so pc disney yet you do not care for the rest of us fans that liked the way things were thats why we came!

  3. Jennifer Cisler

    I miss the old rides like Me. Toads Wild Ride, Snow Whites ride, If You had Wings, Keel boats, and the Main Street Electrical Parade in MK. In Epcot I miss the original Journey into Imagination, Body Wars, The Dinosaur ride hosted by Ellen, World of Motion, Horizons etc.

  4. Mary Smith

    The keel boats and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea at Disney World

  5. Harley

    Okay i have to get this out… i stood idol in my above statement till others listed….
    Long live Horizons!
    Okay and the orginial attraction music esp tomorrows child which btw there is no reason it can not be still played in the background on SSE!
    Mk: hm wo stupid interactive malfunction junction queue, dreamflight, the real people mover, mickeys bday land show, and AEC.
    Epcot: future world to be future world again i think every can agree there! Figment and the dreamfinder together again! I love you soarin but i have to kit kab and while i am at it the clap your hands one world character show at
    MGM studios back! GMR! Animation and backlot tour the original of both!
    DAK is minor wdi flaws like betty yeti not moving and beastly kingdom na and tarzan rocks bc it was better than nemo!
    I feel better now! Thanks for listening!

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