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the rise of skywalker rey

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Harley

    There just covering there butt though us fans arent dumb and knew it was a vision or maybe her version of lukes forest moment in empire bc rian hole snapping thing didnt have anyone caring! It be interesting to see whose vision it is if its not reys? That brings a better question is it one of her friends or could it be ren?? I guess we will see!

  2. Jackie

    Btw is that it?
    Or are we getting the full trailer sometime soon??? I mean disney isnt going to be that stupid and wait till next disney movie to put it in front of bc then what’s the pt???

  3. Thomas Stidman

    Jackie, the tradition is that the full trailer comes out in October during a Monday Night football game. The most likely one being Dolphins at Steelers on October 28th (weakest October Monday Night Football game). They also traditionally do the ticket release with that trailer (at least if it’s the same as Episode VII and VIII).

    1. Jackie

      Thanks thomas i wouldnt keep track i hate football!

  4. Adam

    Vision is just another word for ‘footage’. Often heard in a news room ‘do we have vision for the opener’.

  5. Haley

    When I read that, I read it as them saying like “the vision” of her or what they changed it to “the sight” of her, not a character having a vision of her in sith robes. It reads like a vision in the sneak peak trailer yes. Of course it does! Here’s the thing though Luke, the hero from the first trilogy, was suppose to become the next sith Lord according to the books so who’s to say they didn’t do that with Rey? We aren’t going to know for sure until December when the movie comes out. We can speculate, and read into things, and have debates over what it all means but we won’t know until we see it. In my opinion if hope she is the next sith Lord.

    1. Jackie

      Rey is the hero like luke its the end so they will end happy! Sorry to burst bubble its a vision fans new it! Lets move on and enjoy the movie btw the books you speak of are no longer considered cannon! Thats why rey isnt a skywalker and just rey!

      1. Harley

        Well the sith lord you speak of is nephew to look aka han and leia son which could still happen this person also taughters his sister whose lukes wife greatest apprentice and kills his cousin aka lukes son! Thats legacy now not cannon though there are alot of similarties easily confused! Lets move on! But i agree w jackie if it was rey would not just be a nobody though that was pretty boy ren whom said it remember! Lets move on…

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