Comments for Descendants stars remember Cameron Boyce in first interview since his death

Disney's Descendants: The Musical Stage Show

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    I know this was just a linked video but the ads and itm vids got in the way i had tears watching this as a fan and i had to deal w the screen and pg jumping… could you please fix this not the 1st time thanks!

    1. Mark

      While i agree w you my friend the tribute & story plus message of be true to you & shine understanding in this world is awesome! Cam bro rip you brought it tonight i am proud of a fellow dancer whose now dancing w angels…. but wth was w half that music? D2 had better songs come on! The opening sounded like a werid immination of a cardi song its like they are trying too hard! We are all fans already just do your thing!
      And an 11 o clock hr song as us theatre people put it given to dove whom cant belt to save this sappy fairy tale song! Even if only which is lame i would listen to instead! Though the ending and hades song were good but no chillin like a villian!

      1. Harley

        You replied in the wrong place my friend btw never going to have another chillin thats a great song probably best one and i only wish too late now they put alll 3 into theaters for 1 night and donated to cams charity. I know i would have gone!

  2. Harley

    Ps. Descendants 3 was the best one out of them all what great way to finish the story w a great message very similar to a message Cameron always preach which was “be you”!
    I am sure hes smiling down on his friends and fans!
    The tribute at the end was simple yet sweet!

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