Comments for D23: New Attraction, New Logo, “Avengers Campus” and more revealed during preview night

avengers campus

Credit: Bailee Abell / ITM Reporter


  1. Kelvington

    I wonder what the park will look like after they cut it’s budget. The original descriptions of droids and drones in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge were incredible. But all of that was scaled down or removed all together. So I would suspect this land will be a lot of buildings selling you stuff at very expensive prices.

    1. Harley

      I actually remember when i went to dl my 1st and only time (mind you i had a day didnt see dca) and i walked in no insult to walt (bc if his sights werent set for more property prospect wdw wouldnt have existed) but i was like whom shrunk the castle! I for the life of me can not understand knowing wdw had more space and it was going to be a wow factor why have swge at dl???
      People fly back and forth for things each doesnt have all the time! And if you knew swge was going to obviously be a bigger deal at wdw then dl why not just let wdw open first and let dl open quietly on its own! I think alot of the chaos happen bc it opened at dl first but thats just how i feel! Now to avengers i would think having the benefit of they can use the characters on their end makes it a greater benefit and benefits the budget bc its not sharing it like w swge!

  2. Mark

    Shopdisney.com already has merch up for this that didnt take long!

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