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D23 Expo Woody and Mickey Mouse


  1. Harley

    I just hope whatever it is will be good news to keep hope in the company alive! There are people out there that want whats best and though sometimes it only sounds like us the fans… you just never know!
    Can not wait to hear more about everything official and not just rumors as well.

  2. Mark

    In honor of the 50th we will do what walt would have done and lower ticket and merch prices! And think bigger than $$$ and being the tourist trap we think we are vs a business people look up to bc of walt not what we become!

  3. Brian G.

    If the secret project is some green mumbo jumbo that will be very disappointing.

    1. Mark

      Like the straws and why we cant have our personal bath items? To me its making people bring there own stuff in and then love to see disney stop that? Whats w the put the sign on the hotel room to say DND but we can still come into your room for trash and tidy… whats the pt of the new sign/rule if you disney arent going to follow it! anymore of this being part of a secret plan is just as bad as any other let down!

  4. Laura

    why post you think the Muppets is going to close? there’s nothing pointing to that right now. they put Kermit on the HS 30th anniversary logo, why would they do that if they had plans to close it? a reboot/reimagineering for the muppet presence in the parks i would understand, but why post you think it’s closing?

    1. Harley

      I agree the muppets are still very popular yes you can walk right into muppets vision but by the time the show goes in that lobby is full and ready for a full house show (aka all the way down the row)!
      Does it need improvements YES (i can run those jokes by heart and do we use it as a nap spot sometimes sure but the heat and walking doesnt help that) thats not a reason to get rid of it!
      The tv show failed but the movie didnt and the originals are classics and now the kids have muppets babies back. If anything the muppets are making a comeback!

    2. There’s a few reasons, Pizzarizzo has under performed so badly they went to reduced hours working a year. (Im pretty sure it was like 6-9 months, can’t remember off the top of my head) And now they are closing muppets before the park closes. Reduced hours don’t equal good news. I LOVE the muppets and I don’t want them to go. But to your point about the banners, Mickey and Minnie are on the banner in the style they will be on MMRRW but that’s not open. It doesn’t mean much they are on a banner. Again, a bold prediction but it’s a lot of wasted space that isn’t making much money.

      1. Brad

        Within* sorry, typo.

      2. Laura

        but pizzarizzo is now back to being open all the time. i don’t think there’s enough to make waves about a potential closure.

  5. Mark

    Theres alot that closes before park hrs not just muppets are do the shows not count??? Bc of equity rules and timing i am an ent manager and was past performer i get it but Lots of times they still close even before muppets! To show this brad as a reason is poor bc then why dont shows close or meet and greets et. By your statement??
    Also your comparing apples to oranges… while i agree you might not see muppets busy its always busy when i am there! Also pizzarizzo doesnt do good bc its fl theme park pizza the only place w decent pizza is via napoli and saratoga! You shouldn’t compare #s at a restaurant to an attraction i am sorry!
    I will also bring up there are attractions at other parks that have a time limit and you dont see them closing!

    1. Mark

      Ps. Things close for fireworks and before swge lma only ran 3 shows and they always had the #s!

      1. Harley

        LMA had a different running cycle then others bc of the cars tires equipment etc. Though the show was entertaining the masses the the up keep plus safety and medical for drivers probably was easier in the end to replace w swge. I say that sadly as a past stunt driver but its the truth!

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