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Sony Pictures boycotted

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  1. Randel Fuller

    the agreement for use of Spiderman in the MCU was up for renewal with the previous licensing as follows:
    5% of first day feature release receipts.
    30% of marketing costs/promotion of feature.
    Marvel creative ( Kevin Feige) development/ Management ( Feature approval ).
    Receipt of 100% of the ancillary marketing ( Toys, action figures and other non-feature sales of the character ).

    Disney/Marvel wanted an additional 50% of the Net profit of the films with Sony continuing to foot 70% of the cost for Production, at that point Sony declined since the deal that had been in place previously had provided Disney/Marvel with 70% of the net gains for a Character they did not own… so D/M walked away.
    Had Sony agreed they would have lost 500 Mil for a 1Bil movie and still had to cover production with 30% of the promotion and 0 % of the ancillary marketing ( which is where the real money is in after market).
    As the old agreement stood Disney had a profit margin ( potentially for each film ) greater than Sony… and they wanted 50% MORE!

    1. Casey B

      I’m sure Disney realized how unrealistic their demands were. It was a ploy to force Sony to back out. They know Sony has bombed repeatedly with the Spiderman Franchise. They only found success when they teamed with Marvel. Now folks have tasted the fruit, there is no going back. We must have MCU spidey, and if we can’t, the franchise is dead.

      And like any commodity, when the demand drops, the price falls. And Disney can buy back the Spiderman franchise for pennies on the dollar.

      They don’t call Disney the evil empire for nothin’ ya know.

    2. Rocky Springer

      Easiest way to get Spiderman back to the MCU is bankrupt SONY! SO boycott SONY!!!

    3. Mervin

      actually, marvel was going to cover 50 percent of the cost but anyways marvel deserves more money, you realize without the mcu sony would have probably just done another reboot where they killed off uncle ben and what not. They only get to make 1 billion because of marvel. to show this one of their only good movies in years (into the spider verse) only made 300 millions.

  2. I am boycotting SONY. All of SONY. Movies, electrical equipment, music or anything that has a SONY logo on it. I will never watch another Spiderman movie that is not in the MCU!!! If SONY goes bankrupt and is dissolved then Marvel gets back Spiderman. SO BOYCOTT SONY!!!!!!

    1. Rabies

      Lmao!! Good for you! There’s plenty more mcu nonsense coming anyway.

      At least now hopefully we get a proper Spiderman movie, not iron Spider-Man and the gang

      1. Mervin

        you mean like amazing spider? hell sony 1 good movie in like years which is into the spider verse only made 300 mil while with the mcu spider man made 1 billion, they are definitely going to go back to marvel.

  3. qwer

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