Comments for Bob Chapek says “10 hour waits” are not a sign of success at Disney Parks

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  1. Harley

    “We define success as great guest experiences.”
    You know whom else would have said this Walt bc Walt was about experiences not rides and yes not about the $$$ but he created the parks for experience and thats something he would be proud of!

    1. Jackie

      As i always say lets be positive enjoy our experiences and benefit of doubt! Hes getting stuff done its been a while since thats happen! Yes we have to see how successful it is esp epcot reboot but i have hope!

  2. TimG

    Of course Chapek is right and I’m falling down laughing. With this attitude, how could Universal not one day beat Disney with long lines and park attendance. Not impossible. Harry Potter is winning. Beating Star Was hands down and not even close. Waiting to see Nintendo Land. There’s no competition.

    1. Jackie

      Maybe you should just marry universal! This is a fansite for all parks but mostly disney maybe you should find more heart to know your comments hurt here and sound like your a broke record or worse a robot wheres a captcha when you need one!?
      Uni has harry but wo it and hhn its suffers and even most uni people know that!

      1. TimG

        Chapek mentioned the 10 hours waits and YOU know exactly he is referring to Universal. Stop pretending to not know. He was throwing shade at Universal because he already knows he’s beat.

      2. Mark

        And wdw has 4 great parks that make money so uni is getting another park miles up the road a peice while wdw is under one roof/bus route/monorail/gonodala you get my pt! And uni has hurt many including people whom post here thats why they love disney yes its about the money but they feel the love… i dont know what uni feels…

        1. joe

          The flaw in your argument was as soon as you said WDW is under one roof/bus/route/monorail/gondola.
          Epic Universal will have a shuttle from the main park to the new park. That is only 2.5mi.
          Contrast with Disney, the distance on a shuttle (because there are no monorails or gondolas), is 5.7mi from MK parking to AK parking.

          So being under one roof, doesn’t mean jack if its farther and takes longer

  3. Harley

    You want rides go to uni or any other park you want an experience come to wdw bc thats what walt built this place on not rides and its a living legacy no matter what! Sadly people will come here and say be nice negative positive its a comment which is fine if it didnt throw the comment way off topic! Its one thing to keep positive make jokes and chat back and forth to someone throws negative hate just bc you feel like it!

    1. Harley

      Ps. Is that uni fans still believe its a competion and its a fight you know uppers are all laughing bc of it right? I know a few managers on both sides and they find it hilarious but sad when it gets to this level bc in the end of the day its friendly comp not fighting! The fans create the fights! Fans like you whom hurt! Instead of joking in a friendly way… uni doesnt get they arent even in wdw demographic to compete if they have one its BGT! Disney = family
      Uni = potter which doesnt have a leg teens and adults whom ride rc and love hhn!
      BGT = roller coaster haven and HOS
      Anyone whom cant see this is truly wearing rose tinted glasses!

  4. Jackie

    No timg i wouldnt know like most here i am disney person i could careless about the mess up the street that btw told me to go f myself last yr all bc i asked for a guest assist for my grandpa at hhn so i am sorry i have no sympathy nor concern for trash if thats the way they treat guest and dont tell me they dont theres a full site for people wrong by uni! ? and you know what i use to like it when it was fun but those days when the rides were good are gone! There more about money than disney is and disney cares by their great guest service and help where its needed!

  5. Rebel porg

    The one thing your all forgetting weather love hate etc. Is the fans created that the people in charge are most of the time friends and throw lol shade at each other! You think honestly uni or wdw are going to be openly besties like good job i got next round NO but thats what friendly competition
    is wake up people your only feeding your own hated dilliusion and these companies are ? all the way to a bank w your money.

    1. Rebel porg

      Oh btw i love star wars disney and obviously porgs (the only thing that came out of the last movie that was worth anything)! But i hate batuu it was fun at first but then it kinda eventually just becomes ok experience like pandora where you now have a toss up w maybe if i have time next time! Its very similar to potter in the way people will see it to say they saw it and be done and btw the your prized waits your all so happy for will be gone before you know it! Just look at diagon alley! Like i said laughing to the bank like a happy porg!

    2. Harley

      You have really good points. Love the name btw our family are huge porg fans!

  6. Harley

    It got there i hope you feel better today and are staying calm! Lifes too short! I know exactly how you feel about uni it was fun it was part of our trips to fl then they changed wdw did too but like you said they still care!

  7. Mark

    Btw if kids didnt like star wars why are most books written either for kids or young adult lit and not for adults???? Why was rebels on disney channel and disneyxd and theres also forces of density aka dream big princess for star wars fans!?

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