Comments for 8 Disney films that would make fantastic attractions (with Imagineering’s help)

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  1. Mark

    Was there a need for this article? The movies at the end have attractions and others dont make sense! Wall-e is already at the park by the annoying lazy gen whom think its fun to go around in evc and hit people when there are those that need em!

  2. Harley

    I honestly think zootopia needs somewhere to go weather dak or 5th gate. I watch that movie all the time and go wow that would be so cool to see! And its even split into lands already! Also wreck it ralph maybe raceway overlay would be cool!

  3. Carmine Crincoli


    I think The Lion King should make an awesome dark ride attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that’ll take guests on a trek across the Pridelands with Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, Rafiki, and the rest of the Pridelands gang! Other attractions for The Lion King to accompany the aforementioned dark ride would include a carousel with different animals of the Pridelands, a jungle roller coaster with Timon and Pumbaa, and a jungle water ride! I’d also like to see some rides for The Jungle Book including a dark ride and a Tarzan jungle roller coaster for Disney’s Animal Kingdom to go along with the aforementioned rides for The Lion King! I also think Lilo and Stitch should deserve some good rides as well as other movies like Moana!

    1. Harley

      I love your lion king idea maybe it could go where planet watch is. Moana def needs somewhere to go i agree or even just a meet and greet too! Lilo and stitch unfortunately was defaulted to mk sadly! Lilo and stitch was suppose to go to animation but they didnt wamt to close animation (tell that to launch bay). And wdw listened to 10 people and closed alien encounter (aec) to literally just put stitch in the aliens place (i know this bc i can run dialouge when stitch was open you even get “spat on” the side the person “checking in on everyone” died during aec). They never thought about actually they dont think alot and i would love to see stitch be represented better and esp w his friends lilo and angel!

  4. Melanie Durham

    Well I certainly enjoyed this article. Like Walt said, “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” That’s exactly what the writer was doing here! I think a bedknobs and broomsticks attraction would be fun as well as Up!Those were the 2 that popped up in my mind when I read this title! ?

    1. Harley

      I agree with you and the article bedknobs is a classic that doesnt get much love and while i can not watch up wo crying mostly through it i agree it needs more than just a bird show! I am in a minority for liking the new bird show but more can be done w Up! I like brave as well as long as we are choosing pixar films that arent as well represented as toy story etc.

  5. Scot

    An Emporors New Groove roller coastet

  6. Christian

    The fact that the scene from Emperor’s New Groove with Yzma and Kronk on the rollercoaster through the lab is not on this list makes everything absolutely worthless.

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