Comments for Everything coming to Disney+ for its November 12 launch

Credit: Chris Pizzello, Invision


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    Rafael Souza

    I just want to know when it will arrive in Brazil … so excited kkkk

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    Mary Ann

    I’d like to see the complete Original Micky Mouse Club including all the serials.

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    Edye Bryant

    Time to bring back Follow Me Boys. Not to mention all those lovely late 50’s and mid 60’s to early 70’s films– Monkey’s Uncle, Boatniks, Candleshoe, Blackbeard’s Ghost, Super Dad, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Fred McMurry’s version of the Nutty Professor/Son of Flubber, the real That Darn Cat. And what is up the Lady and the Tramp (remake)????

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    I just want Disney Vault Er VaultDisney shows!!!!!

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    Ducktales is great but there are alot more 90s cartoons that are missing, most importantly Gargoyles, Talespin, and Rescue Rangers. Also every other one.

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    Does anybody know if I will be able to keep any disney movies I bought on iTunes once apples contract runs out with disney? Thank you

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    I am excited for the Star Wars / Marvel / Dr. Pol. I hope to see Phineas and Ferb added to the line up.

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    I’m hoping a lot more disney movies become available with time. i love the little mermaid so i’m so glad it’s up there. When i was in school though like Brink!, the smart house, and motocross were really popular. I wanna see those up there too.

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