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Universal Studios mystery logo


  1. Nachtwulf

    It looks a lot like the logo for Islands of Adventure, just from its outline.

    Seems to me they’ll be coughing up the name and logo for the new park they’ve been carefully not mentioning for months but we all know they’ve already started building.

  2. Harley

    Considering universal parks worldwide have announcements (rumor has it hhn japan is making event announcements as well as hollywood has something too) So who knows if this is just UO or something larger… sorry “epic!” As a original fan of UO and being disapointed in past yrs actually hhn past 2 yrs due to being treated rudely (by managment btw) bringing me to tears i vowed to not go back so i am hoping for something that might perk a spark!

  3. André DeVine

    The logo does hint to a similar vibe of IOA’s compass logo. To me this logo has a more steampunk type feel. Maybe brass with gears or maybe even an Astrolabe or Clock. It would be cool if it’s for the new park and that the theme be time travel where each land is based on different time period.

  4. Robert Paul Davis

    Hope universal studios encompass a star based government

  5. Melanie Durham

    I’m excited just for new adventures!

  6. Mark

    I was hoping for more than the laugh we got so i am going to stare at this and pray it was all a bad dream!

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