Comments for TripAdvisor announces top ranking theme parks, Central Florida parks are at the top and Disneyland misses the mark

Pandora and Universal Orlando

Credit: Disney/Universal


  1. Dan

    TripAdvisor has obviously never been to Tokyo Disneyland or the best theme park in the world, DisneySeas. Their list is bogus.

  2. Harley

    I love to add that seaworld is on this but not busch gardens VA??? Though it has awards for the park in past and its roller coasters forget its had the #1 show in the us ranked for yrs now! Trip advisor knows this too..m And before someone gets upset i just went recently first time in 20yrs and i not only spent all day there i had so much fun and theres more to do than just roller coasters for us that cant handle em!
    And while it might by a slightly be par w seaworld tampa bay it is not its by leaps and bounds better!
    And i know this is itm cheeing on the magic of our parks but hello hersheypark is another seasonal park that gets shorted but its also admire! And brings alot of magic to notherns!

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