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Treasure Planet live-action remake

Credit: Disney


  1. Nachtwulf

    This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Disney movies, and it’s a crying damn shame it’s been all but forgotten.

    I think that (unlike Lion King) a more realistic take on this could only benefit it; the idea of seeing Silver or Captain Flint as realistic renders makes me -extremely- excited.

    1. Tyler

      As someone who loves the “forgotten age” of disney the movies that came out in the very early 2000s seeing the chance of a live action treasure planet and Atlantis would be awesome I really hope disney goes through and does them justice

  2. Thomas Halfpenny

    I read somewhere that Disney are doing the remakes to retain copyright before the originals go into public domain – which if that was the case would make sense to me, but when most the movies being made won’t be public domain for another 40 or 50 years, I feel like I’m repeating myself, but I’m bored of them. I understand Disney is playing the nostalgia card at the moment, but Disney has always been at the forefront of storytelling, and adaptation, with the exception of ‘Rescuers Down Under’ Disney didn’t do theatrical release sequels, don’t get me wrong ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ was fun, and ‘Frozen 2’ will be okay, neither were or will be as good as ‘Moana’ on the basis that ‘Moana’ was fresh and new. I just want to meet new characters, go on new adventures and have new experiences rather than go over old ground. It’s like the avalanche of Marvel movies, one or two a year are great and something to look forward to, but it’s like a new one every week and no longer special. I know more are coming and I’m going to feel more and more disillusioned, but I still hold onto hope that Disney eventually realise that originality can still be a good thing.

    1. Webs

      To be fair, though–they shelved what was supposed to come out after Moana due to creative differences a year before its scheduled release, and other ideas in plan seem far off from now…

  3. Clay

    Treasure Planet deserves more love and respect. I think a remake would be awesome, especially with a solid unknown actor as Jim. Follow Musker and Clements’ vision, but make some tweaks and take chances.

    Side note: Tom Holland in Atlantis, incorporate S.E.A., and throw in Joe Rhode as the man who sends Milo on the mission.

  4. Harley

    Cue up the rumors for this to replace seas if the remake is more loved then the original in 3,2,1

  5. Zoidbert

    Whole family loves this one, along with ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE.

    My only serious wish is that they get David Hyde Pierce to play the professor IRL.

  6. Mary Ward

    Hope they cast Danny Devito as the guy named Mole.

  7. i Love Treasure Planet is One Of My Favorite Disney Movies it’s So Underrated i Think A Lot Of People Should Know About it!!!

  8. i Cast idris Elba As John Silver

  9. i’m Still Here They Can Tell Me Which One They See Cause i’m Not What They See

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