Someone tried buying weed online using a fake of “Thor’s” ID!

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Thor fake ID

Credit: @cottoncandaddy

Twitter users enjoyed some free entertainment earlier this month when one surprised dispensary shop worker in Canada shared that a customer attempted to make a purchase using a fake ID… belonging to no other than Marvel’s “Thor”!

Workers at an online marijuana dispensary in Canada received quite the surprise when an inquiry came in from one of our favorite “Avengers”. While we would never recommend purchasing or creating a fake ID for any purposes, we can’t help but chuckle that someone really attempted to pass off their ID as the god of Thunder.

Twitter user @cottoncandaddy shared the back and forth between her and sister as they shared a laugh over the ID in question:

Employees at the dispensary immediately knew something was awry as they checked the ID only to find a photo of Chris Hemsworth, aka “Thor” with a mailing address of, “69 Big Hammer Lane,” attempting to purchase their products. The address does point to “Big Hammer Lane” being located in Calgary, so at least they thought this part of the address through?

Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, but even this fact wouldn’t be able to help our own Thor purchase some sweet green given that his ID appears to have expired in 2017. We suspect this fake ID is either a complete joke or like the store’s employees assumed a case of an underage perhaps future customer experimenting with PhotoShop, but the result is hilarious nonetheless!

Among replies to the original tweet, Marvel fans speculated that the issue date of 2012 was intentional as this was the year “Avengers” was released, and expiring in 2017 only made sense as well since this was when “Thor: Ragnarok” was released.

Whether or not the dates this individual chose to use on the ID have any “validity” may be up for debate, but one thing’s for sure– if the god of thunder were out for some natural remedies, he’d probably have a better alternative around those pesky ID laws!

What a week it’s been on Twitter! Do you have any insight into why 2012 and 2017 may have been chosen for Thor’s dates? Let us know in the comments!

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