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  1. Julia T.

    As far as fainting on Disney rides; I don’t think you can orshould blame the rides itself! There could be a number of factors this happens; dud they et or drink enough before getting on the ride? Do they stay hydrated enough? How hot is it, or them; while on these rides? I know myself, if I do not eat or drink enough, espesially on a hot day; I can go shopping and feel like I am going to pass out, like what happened to me early this morning. It could be due to motion, yes, some, but I believe being over heated, under-nourished or under-fed, or dehydrated can definately be a factor! If one has a problem with heart problems, motion sickness, dizzyness, or any other health condition; they are riding at their iwn risk and it isn’t the Parks’ r the rides’ doing that that happened! That is why rides usually say enter at your own risk! Now if a ride breaks apart or breaks down when one is on it; then that may be due to poor maintenance; but otherwise, you can’t or should not blame the ride or the Park or the park attendants. Granny or grampa may just be too old to be riding.

  2. Cheryl

    I agree with the above writer on all aspects. There are signs echerylverywhere stating DO NOT RIDE if pre existing problems. Myself i know if it a dizzy ride i stay off just in case vertigo hits. And So parks should not be accountable

  3. Harley

    I agree with past posts and add like i had on another post we live in such a sue happy world … its not me that i might have a condition N should know better… its not my fault i missed the 110 signs that told me not to go on the ride… its the parks fault!!! I scream and sue!! NOOOO you do not you listen to rules that are is clear as day and listen your body! I am a single mom and i have no one else for my kid to ride w so i have to bite most simulated rides and i know myself i get disorented etc so i go do not take the 3d glasses and close my eyes or enjoy it bc believe it or not alot of the screens are really clear wo the glasses and i enjoy just as much as i had them on and i come off it not sick! If i can do this so can everyone else!

    1. Suni

      This might come off mean, but maybe anyone over 65, should not even… i mean, its obvious the age group is the main issue here. And if you have knowledge that you have a condition that can be triggered by these “rides”, why are you getting on it?? Smh makes no sense…

      1. Harley

        I am not 65 i just have aliments and i unfortunately like i said in my comment have just me and my kid so unfortunately i must figure out ways how its not going to affect me and go! But i do agree people need to know there limits its like drinking at any age and abide by the signs!

  4. Deborah

    I totally agree that folks have to be vigilant and understand the heat index here even when the sun goes down the humidity is still very high. Pre existing conditions patients need to be mindful stay hydrated drink water not soda take meds
    As for the younger set 30 and over may have vasovagal reactions due also to a number of factors drink orange juice water probably have had this before in there past history I personally as a medical professional do not contribute this to Disney rides Some people watch too many personal injury attorney adds

    1. Harley

      Amen and so agree so many people forget that sodas and alcohol sorry to say it folks plus juice for the kids do not hydrate they actually dehydrate you faster! Even the things you think are safe like powerade etc can actually do more harm in the heat (drinks like this while having electrolytes have tons of sugar) and combine it with rides or running around parks will hurt more! Great points deborah i forgot that and i live in fl (and sometimes avoid going out so i do not have the joy of i sweating just to go to the mailbox lol)!

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