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The Lion King reviews

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  1. Film Fan

    The animated one brought personality to the setting and characters. This one looks completely devoid of personality. They call it live-action, but it’s really another form of animation. Therefore, it’s another animated remake.

    Dad: Hey, kids. Want to watch the same movie you love, but in the style of a boring nature documentary film?

    Child: Does it have real animals?

    Dad: Not quite.

    I’m sorry. Aside hearing about new songs, this looks like a shot-by-shot remake of a beloved classic. This whole thing reminds me of Gus Van Sant’s remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” Not worth it.

    1. Lauren W.

      You’re not wrong. LOL. I thought the CGI animals in the Jungle Book remake did not emote very well. This film looks similar. In this case, ultra realistic animals fall flat when so much personality is missing from their faces. I also like the theatre background of many voice actors from the animated originals. Now it’s mostly pop stars and celebs doing the voice parts.

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