Comments for Review: “Tales from the Haunted Mansion Vol IV: Memento Mori”


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    Looks likes its the scariest book of all time. Why dont they make a movie on these tales.

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      Well del toro (hes a huge fan hes got a room in his house dedicated to hm) has had a script for yrs but i doubt disney would agree to a horror movie but then when you think about it… kiddie friendly movie w eddie murphy didnt work either! Maybe its time for someone like these writers or even del toro whom know what the fans want and know these ghosts died horrible and disney wants to make it innocent when they created the truly scary origin stories that wdi now are trying to remove! Its so werid if you ask me i do not know about you but i buy a ticket to a haunted mansion horror movie!

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    Michael Gavin

    Agreed. That would make for a fun film, or even an animated anthology series for the new subscription service?

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