Christmas in July! Win this Disney Princess Doll set from “Ralph Breaks the Internet”

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Disney Princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet

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Do you have a princess-loving kiddo in your family? Well, thanks to our sponsor, Hasbro, Inside the Magic is excited to celebrate Christmas in July with our next prize package! One lucky reader will win this ultimate princess doll sweepstakes set featuring the princesses from  “Ralph Breaks the Internet”. The total value of this amazing prize package is $210 and includes all 14 princesses from the famous princess scene featured in the movie.

The entry form for this ultimate prize set is at the end of this post.

So, let us bring a little Christmas joy to your summer fun (or maybe you just want to get a jump start on regular Christmas shopping). Either way, you won’t want to miss out on this amazing princess doll sweepstakes. And trust us, your princess-loving kids will thank you!

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” Ultimate Fashion Doll Set

With these dolls, your kids can let their imaginations go wild as they get comfy and relax with all of their favorite Disney princesses. Each doll comes with a personalized comfy outfit and accessory. All of the dolls are fully articulated which helps the dolls seem more lifelike.

Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa are paired together sporting their comfy looks. Elsa is wearing her ‘Just let it go’ shirt, with leggings. Her snack of choice is a milkshake. Anna decided to wear a shirt that showed her love for sandwiches. This doll set can also be purchased at Amazon for $29.88.

Princess Dolls Anna and Elsa


Pocahontas and Ariel

Pocahontas’s outfit has a wolf to show how her love for the wilderness while Ariels’ outfit has all of the things she collected underwater from the human world. This doll set can also be purchased at Amazon for $29.88.

Princess Dolls Pocahontas and Ariel

Belle and Merida

Belle is showing off how she is friends with the beast and always will be. She is also ready to get comfortable and enjoy a good story with her book. Merida is remembering the time that she accidentally turned her mom into a bear with her shirt. I bet that is an event she will not forget! This doll set can also be purchased at Amazon for $29.88.

Princess Dolls Belle and Merida

Aurora and Jasmine

You can tell that Aurora knows that she is the nap queen and is proudly showing it off on her shirt. Jasmine, on the other hand, is wearing a shirt that says three wishes. I wonder what her wishes would have been. This doll set can also be purchased at Amazon for $29.88.

Princess Dolls Jasmine and Aurora

Cinderella and Mulan

Cinderella’s comfy outfit has the carriage on her shirt with “G2G” reminding her that she’s “got to go”. Mulan shows off her love and loyalty of her heritage as her jacket features symbols of China. This doll set can also be purchased at Amazon for $29.88.

Princess Dolls Cinderella and Mulan

Rapunzel and Tiana

The time that Rapunzel was out of the tower for the first time was super memorable for her. So it should be no surprise to us that she is wearing a shirt from the Snuggly Duckling because it was the first place that Flynn brought her. Tiana’s comfy outfit has the shirt that says NOLA (slang for New Orleans, LA) and green jeans. This doll set can also be purchased at Amazon for $29.88.

Princess Dolls Rapunzel and Tiana

Moana and Snow White

Just like Rapunzel, Moana also remembers her adventures with her outfit. Her shirt has the crab that sang the song Shiny to her. She also has the necklace that had the heart of te fiti. Lastly, Snow White has a shirt that says poison with an apple. As her snack, she also brought an apple that looks like the one that the Evil Queen gave her. This doll set can also be purchased at Amazon for $29.88.

Princess Dolls Moana and Snow White

These dolls are really great for hanging out with all of your favorite Disney princesses. I think that these dolls are great gifts because the princesses are not in their normal dresses. If someone already has all of the Disney princesses, then these dolls can still be a great addition. So, what are you waiting for? Enter today for your chance to win our “Ralph Breaks the Internet” princess doll sweepstakes!

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