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Disney Remakes

Credit: Disney / Dennis Abate


  1. Nachtwulf

    On the other hand!

    There’s an opportunity here. This site has commented that maybe Atlantis and Treasure Planet are on the table. Both of these films (although frankly great) didn’t do so hot. Why? Who knows, but a variety of reasons in any event.

    Both of these movies could stand to be brought back to the fore when they were all but forgotten in their original releases, and what’s more, I’m personally of the opinion that UNLIKE their prior catalog, both of these films probably should have been CGI-enhanced live action from the start INSTEAD of animated. Sure, at the time the CGI probably wasn’t up to the task, but now? Use the virtual tech used on Walking Dead and Fury Road to do Silver’s arm 100% realistically. Create the environs in Atlantis in photographic beauty.

    I really hope they stop poking films that did well and revisit some of the ones that could /use/ a second chance.

  2. Thomas

    I’ve ranted a bit about the ‘remakes’. I’m an absolute Disnerd, I spend every free waking moment thinking about or doing something Disney related, and love getting excited about new movies coming out, especially if they’re new additions to the animated classic canon. When ‘The Jungle Book’ remake came out I was excited, as I love the original, and while nothing would beat Phil Harris as Baloo, I was intrigued. The following year we had ‘Beauty and the Beast’, a nice little remake, again, nowhere near as good as the original, but was still good, and was excited at ‘Aladdin’ being made (though disappointed with the results, but being my favourite of the Disney Renaissance it was always going to be the one I scrutinise the most). My issue is how many are being done and being released at once, and feel that the original storytelling which Disney has always led the way in is being forgotten, this year alone we’ve already had ‘Dumbo’, ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’. If they were one a year, like the Classic Canon is usually, then they’d be special and an event to look forward to, but they’re just being fired out in quick succession with no room to breathe and digest them. Someone argued that the remakes are so Disney retains the copyright once the originals are public domain, but if that was true then ‘Snow White’ would have been done first, Beauty, Aladdin and Lion were all released in my lifetime and won’t be out of copyright until I’m no longer around, and I’m 32 so that’s hopefully a while away. I get playing to nostalgia, but if Disney forget to keep on with new additions to the classic canon they’ll run out of things to remake and will have to do remakes of remakes. There’s loads Disney could do, going back to the Grimm fairytales wouldn’t be a bad place to go to, ‘Red Riding Hood’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, reviving ‘Gigantic’ (I’m a writer and would happily look at it to see where the faults were to force a cease in production). There’s loads Disney could do, and still remake, if completely necessary.

  3. Jay K.

    “The “remakes” are a way for Disney to make money, but to also try new things to further advance film safely.”

    Name one new thing under Iger’s tenure that’s “further advanced film” that hasn’t been done before…

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