Comments for Disney to make live-action version/follow-up to A Nightmare Before Christmas

A Nightmare Before Christmas

Credit: Disney


  1. Bethany

    Only if Tim Burton is involved and its that same animation. I couldn’t picture the Pumpkin King any other way

    1. CJ

      Don’t know who is trying to spread this rumor, but from past knowledge it certainly sounds ridiculous. For one, the live action versions of other movies that you claim as “success” is laughable. They’re lacking reasonable amounts of things in them to be attractive much and have been no where near as profitable as they hoped. Disney started those and got carried away, because they go through long stretches with little to no new ideas. They’re just going through the motions because they’ll likely make some money, but nothing extravagant and are just biding their time till they stumble upon something better and keeping some money flowing and their name in front of the public more and more. Then to claim a possible live action sequel to Nightmare before Christmas is VERY skeptical. They never were permitted to create any other sequels in the past because Tim Burton wouldn’t let them. Disney was originally afraid of Nightmare before Christmas and that’s why it was originally released under the Touchstone label. As time went on and a cult following built up more and more suddenly Disney slaps their name on it and tries to call it their own. Tim was VERY adamant to do anything else with his personal precious project. If anything further Nightmare before Christmas comes along they’ll have to throw a A LOT of money at Tim, just like they have for other things they’ve scooped up and called their own (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.), but Tim is generally strong willed when it comes to his properties/stories/ideas.

    2. Carmen

      I say only if Tim Burton is on board or else it’s a hard NO!

  2. Kara

    STOP!!!! Not everything needs to be live action. Disney is losing the magic by doing this with too many movies. Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic for me. I can’t picture it any other way than it was originally done. Please don’t do this!!!!!

    1. Jessica

      OMG yes. This is my favorite movie of all time and I DO NOT want it changed in any way. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      1. Denise Trone

        Agree 100%! Leave well enough alone!!!

  3. Thomas

    What made TNBC special was that it was the first full stop-motion feature film, this is what Disney needs to remember. Tim Burton would have to be attached to the project, and basically it’s got to be stop-motion or nothing! It’s one of my all-time favourite movies, Disney or otherwise, and while I’d actually like a sequel, I’d be scared because of how good the original is, and computer animation or ‘live action’ would completely lose the sparkle.

  4. Andrew

    I’d prefer if Disney did a stage adaptation of the movie. That would be fun to see live in a performing arts theater.

    1. I think it’s a great idea. But only if you give the whole thing to Tim Burton to develop and direct.

      1. Matty

        Tim Burton didn’t direct it, Henry Selick did. Actually Burton wasn’t very involed with the project at all as he was filming Batman Returns at the time. Burton wrote the original poem, but creative efforts of the film are almost entirely Selick and Danny Elfman.

  5. Daphne

    No ! No ! No! Stop destroying Disney with these God damn ridiculous re makes into live action ? Don’t you dare touch my nightmare for Christmas !

  6. Andrew

    Tim Burton had hardly anything to do with the original besides writing the original poem.

    The person you want involved that would keep the spirit of the original is Henry Selick

  7. T

    Horrible idea

  8. Damion

    I guess Disney has ran out of ideas. Creating “live” remakes of animation classics I think is a bad idea and definitely “taints” the original.

  9. Valarie

    Tim Burton stop animation sequel yes please!!!!! But no more horrible live actions ruining my favorite movies

  10. Steph Duran

    Bad idea this would fail leave our originals alone please!!!

  11. Susan

    Absolutely not!! All of these classic, wonderful Disney movies that are being remade into live action aren’t nearly half as good as the originals. Please STOP remaking/ruining the classics! When did Disney stop making content that was new and original??? Has it really gotten that bad that they can no longer come up with anything new and have to recycle material? Come on! Leave TNBC alone! I couldn’t bear it to see my favorite movie ruined like others have been.

    1. Shaira

      So true, they should really stop what they’re doing. I can’t imagine this beautiful movie being remade. It doesn’t need anything more, I love how it is. If ever they would continue on with this project, they better make a splendid one cause’ they have a lot of critical viewers.

  12. Zamira

    please can I be involved in sharing some ideas for the movie if you do decide to make this? Thanks ;] This is my favorite movie and I would love to see what other creative people will make out of this masterpiece. Much love ??

    1. Michael

      I’m one of THE biggest Nightmare fans ever, and I really would love to see what Disney comes up with. Nightmare sometimes seems unappreciated and underrated when it comes to Disney fans. I really like the idea of a sequel or continuation of the story, whether it be stop motion, live action, or a broadway musical (that would actually be amazing). Beetlejuice on Broadway looks terrifying fantastic, a lot of the sets were inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas too. I also really enjoy Disney’s live actions, they aren’t going to stop making them, they have so many ideas for the future.

  13. Mary

    I think it’d be amazzziiinnngggg!!! And I’d love to see it!!!

  14. Emilia Duns

    I have a hard time imagining NMBC as anything other than a claymation/stop motion film. Tim Burton’s style can be translated to live action as seen with films like Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, but something like Nightmare would struggle. Personally, I think unless it’s another Tim Burton film then it’d be impossible to pull off. Maybe even with Burton in on it, it may still be elusive. I’m not sure that this would be the best choice. I love the movie so much and I would hate to see anything disparage the original.

  15. Jaune

    Please make this. The Nightmare Before Christmas is my 3rd favorite movie of all time. I know all the words to each song, I quote it atleast once a week. I swear this movie helped me so much through my depression and watching it made me my happiest. I know this may not be important to all of you, but this movie would be the world to me.

  16. Kayleigh

    I think the live action should have Jack and Sally’s kid(s) and thave Jack teach them about Christmas land. They become curious and go wandering and get lost in one of the other holiday trees.

  17. Shaira

    Please don’t because some things should just stay what it is. It’s already a masterpiece and if ever Disney is running out of great ideas, it doesn’t mean that they can run around and make live actions of every movie that is already done. I can’t support this.

  18. Melanie Durham

    I would be interested in seeing what they come up with! I believe in Disney!

  19. Jak

    Awesome They did a great job with other live action. I think it would be great a new generation of movie goers would love it. For those of you who are skeptical watch YouTube amateurs do a wonderful job

  20. Mindy Bostick

    Please STOP all these live action remakes of classic animated films! We want new stories, not to have our childhood memories “reimagined”. Those stories are timeless which is what endears them to generation after generation.

  21. Only if Tim Burton Directs and Danny Elfman Voices Jack and they use Stop Motion. Although I think Johnny Depp or would be interesting as the Pumpkin King in a live action version. Maybe have Micheal Keaton as the Town Mayor.

  22. April

    The nightmare before Christmas can only be in an animation setting. Be more creative and make movies not re-make movies that have been around. If you want to be something be unique not a copycat. Please be original. Give us new not reused ideas.

  23. Jess

    Live remakes have basically turned Disney films into garbage. And this one would lose all of the original charm if remade. These characters are meant to be bigger than life and macabre but trying to translate that to live action would basically shove the movie into a horror genre by default of the character design alone. It’s so entirely unnecessary and Disney is very obviously trying to benefit off the work of Burton with something they can own rather than the original they were afraid to license until they realised it was a moneymaker. It’s disgusting the way they’ve sacrificed storytelling for special effects in their newer movies and I hate to see this one get drug through the dirt.

  24. Trufs

    You should hire an editor & not try to do it all. The movie is called “THE Nightmare Before Christmas” not “A Nightmare Before Christmas” or just “Nightmare Before Christmas”

  25. Lori

    I have to be one of the biggest fans and if this happens, it will ruin the cult classic

  26. Jasmine Spalding

    I think it would be amazing for Tim Burton and Disney to come together and make the nightmare before Christmas to life! Most importantly I think Johnny Depp should play the pumpkin king!!

  27. Katie

    They should create a Nightmare Before Christmas ballet. It would be beautiful!!!

  28. Gary

    I just want to say that it’s rather telling that Disney, one of the pioneers of animation, has apparently lost faith in the medium seeing how they’re going to great lengths to remake all of their classic animated films in live action. Like TheMysteriousMrEnter put it, Disney can’t win with these remakes because one of two things will invariably result with each and every one:

    1. The remake is vastly different from the original, in which case audiences criticize Disney for messing with a timeless classic.
    2. The remake is nearly identical to the original, in which case audiences criticize Disney for creating a rehash that had no good reason to be made.

    Disney’s animated films are classics because they were so well made, and improving upon them in any meaningful way is a Herculean, if not outright impossible, feat. Live-action remakes were a mistake over a decade ago when they gave the treatment to 101 Dalmatians, and they’re just as much of a mistake now.

  29. Ella

    I reckon they should if tim burton does it and they keep it true to the story line . I think andy black ( andy biersack) would play jack Skeleton amazingly

  30. Dahlia

    Well, You do have to ask Tim Burton for permission that’s for sure! He did write the book, illustrations, and created the Stop motions for it. So, if you guys did it without his consent and not give him a heads up…. that’s low of humanity for you to do that. It’s also considered theft.
    BUT… if he’s involved and the live action is All Tim Burton style and dark.. then YEAH IM ALL FOR IT!!!!?????

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