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Natalie Portman and Thor Love and Thunder sign



  1. Steve Prus

    And then Chris should he able to play Black Widow in the next movie.

    1. Matt

      OMG is there any place on the internet to avoid dumb comments from straight men, or do y’all have a personal mission to invade every inch of the internet???

      Stan Lee’s personal mission for marvel was to highlight diversity –
      “We live in a diverse society – in fact, a diverse world – and we must learn to live in peace and with respect for each other.”
      “A good many of our people here in America are not white. You’ve got to recognize that and you’ve got to include them in whatever you do.” “If my books and my stories can change that, can make people realize that everybody should be equal, and treated that way, then I think it would be a better world,”
      If you aren’t into diversity, then why are you still watching marvel movies or reading the comics.

  2. Harley

    A) Diversity is the key!
    B) thor has been female for a long time now the comics so comment is na! It was about time the movies caught up.
    C) the only tidbit i will say is why get portman back after she slammed into marvel after being “killed off” shes a sly one and there are other great female actors… i get it shes known to the fanbase but still and i was a fan of hers before she started complaining all over like shes gods gift to acting!
    D) maybe helmsworth contract was up he had other projects … spoiler alert last movie has him joining another group and they decided to follow comics this is marvel/disney decsion not his not ours as fans and commentators!

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