Comments for Marvel welcomes first openly trans actor in Spider-Man: Far From Home

First trans Marvel Studios actor

Credit: Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images - Marvel Studios


  1. Sherry

    Totally uncalled for! Who freakin cares!! These ppl want attention for what, applauding their sex?! Let’s applaud skill, talent, respect, kindness…some thing that REALLY matters in life.

  2. Matt

    Wow Sherry, what is wrong with seeing someone that represents you on screen or stage. There are tons of teenagers who are transgendered or questioning their gender, and maybe seeing someone who is transgendered being open about it and having a successful acting career would be empowering for them…

    Considering the high suicide rate for LGBT teens, maybe you can just calm down and not be so nasty to others. There have been enough representation of straight women on tv and movies, where I think you are good for now.

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