Comments for Marvel Studios could lose rights to Spider-Man if box office goals aren’t met

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Credit: Marvel Studios


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    Carter Ward

    This makes no sense to me. No one can guarantee that any movie will do well or not in theaters. And to say every spiderman movie has to make a billion dollars is ridiculous. And Sony taking the rights back. They have not done such a great job themselves, let’s be honest. Sony needs to be grateful that people want to see a spiderman movie and aren’t just ridiculing them.

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    Ken Daube

    To say that Sony hasn’t done a great job fails in understanding the business side of movie making. Their “worst” performing film was The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which had a world-wide box office take of $709 million versus a production budget of $200 million. Between 50 and 55% of the box office take goes back to the studio, which means they made at least $150 million on their worst performing movie.

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