Comments for Guests wait hours to enter Magic Kingdom after ticket scanners break down

Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Jim Roberts

    Was stuck in this mess this morning. Disney staff were clueless. There were fights in line due to people cutting in. Really awful stuff. Shame on Disney.

    1. Jane Heiman

      How can you say shame on Disney, technology goes wrong a lot. It’s not a perfect system. You can’t blame them for something out of their control. Considering they work every other day of the year. I feel worse for the employees working during this sure as hell guests were being absolute a**holes to them all morning, especially when they never expect this to happen.

      1. Harley

        As a past cm i was about to comment the same thing but you beat me to it! But i will add its like a ride going down we know as much as you do and that the ride or even shows are aloud to have their off days! Do not blame the cms they arent in charge of the main operating systems that are at mk they wrk right there in front of you.

    2. James B

      It’s people like you that think the cast members have any control when something like this happens. Tell me where you work and I’ll come by. Then, be a pain in your ass for a couple of hours. I forgot you can have me arrested for trespassing where the cast member can’t. You’re a idiot!

      1. Harley

        Did you read my comment before you made your rude comment? Thats a NO! But i never said cms had control i said the opposite thanks!

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