Comments for Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno says “he can’t take Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk seriously”

Lou Ferrigno Hulk and Mark Ruffalo Hulk

Credit: CBS/Marvel Studios


  1. Ashlee

    I agree 150% on what Lou said with the exception Mark has never been able to pull the Hulk off. Mark can not act and he killed the character of the Hulk. Shame they didn’t have Lou come back and do it.

    1. marvelboi

      I agree strongly because of endgame. And infinity war. And thor ragnarok. He just really doesn’t have the intensity that all the hulk actors did. I’m sorry mark you are a really good actor but in my opinion I kinda sorta in the nicest way possible prefer Edward Norton.

  2. Traci

    I disagree, simply because I’ve always found Mark Ruffalo charming. So having him as the Hulk makes a character I’ve never been interested in more appealing to me. Different strokes for different folks!

  3. Christina

    I thought Mark Ruffalo was great, Lou Ferrigno may have the body of the Hulk but without the acting talent of being Dr. Banner.

  4. Andrew Brady

    Ruffalo’s performance can be too hammy and cartoonish, especially in ‘Infiinity War’.

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