Comments for Disney could make a live-action “Aladdin 2” that follows “The Return of Jafar”

live-action Aladdin sequel

Credit: Disney / Disney


  1. Thomas

    No thanks! Was straight-to-video for a reason! Though it will probably happen (though in my opinion the only decent straight-to-video sequel is ‘Simba’s Pride’).

    1. Adam

      Cinderella and the Twist in Time got a lot of runs at our place!

  2. Taylor

    I think that would be amazing!!! I love the live action remakes!!! Keep them coming!!! I would Love to see all three Aladdin’s and all three Lion Kings!!! That would be amazing!!

  3. Savannah

    Will there be new characters or different race characters in Aladdin’s 2 live action if they make it, it would be pretty cool

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