Comments for “Indiana Jones 5” will reportedly start filming next year

Indiana Jones

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Laura

    Typo in the title… although it made me think of how the movie would be if Idina Menzel was in it… or Adele Dazeem for that matter…

  2. Alvan

    Hopefully, Harrison Ford will still be able to do all the great stunts Indiana Jones has done in the past, or at least find a good stuntman to do them.

  3. Irene Steffen

    Fine as long as there is no dumb scifi theme to the new movie like the last one did. That was dumb. The first one was great and the third one was my favorite. I hope the film stays true to the original three. But I do not like the silliness of the second one with the mine car roller coaster scene which did not make sense to me. Keep the movie franchise epic with the focus of the search for the ultimate archaeological find that seems to be out of reach. I also could see a little bit of Joseph Campbell’s philosophy like in the third movie as in the Leap of Faith, a powerful addition to the new movie story. I hope the story reflects all of thrill and meaningfulness that the original movies had.

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