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Harry Potter

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  1. Emma

    And where can I apply as a staff writer?

  2. Tori

    “It’s been said that the show will be a prequel and take place mostly at Hogwarts and around different parts of Europe.”

    Cue me getting super excited thinking Marauders?!?!!!!

    “Although, it’s been said that the show would feature all new characters, with the only connection to the original film series being that it’s set in the same universe as the books were.”

    Excitement gone. Extreme disappointment setting in. Can’t they do anything right?

    1. JR

      Who cares about the marauders? Just a group of high school bullies. Would prefer a Hogwarts origin story for sure.

  3. Brittany

    Where do I audition? ?⚡️✨

  4. Jeri

    I would be thrilled to see more of Harry and the gang

  5. Dee

    Please use the proper house emblem and colors for Ravenclaw this time. Please.

    1. Jen

      I would like to see something regarding – post Battle of Hogwarts but before “20 years later”. Hermione’s final year at Hogwart’s. Harry & Ron going into Auror training. Jinny becoming a great Quidditch player. Their lives as young adults in the Wizarding World.

  6. barbra

    is JK Rowling behind this project? cant have a show with out her input its her world maybe of they made her pottermore site part of the tv series might be ok and the special effects arent cheesy and it would depend on the target audiance most of the hp fans are older now and want grown up material ive seen plenty of fan based material on youtube that looked prettry good their are alot of ifs i guess if it happens we can always hope for the best

  7. Brendan bowman-clift

    HARRY POTTER SERIES IS A MUST! IVE BEEN DYING TO SEE JAMES AND LILY AND SERIUS AND REMUS AT SCHOOL AS A PREQUEL! At this point on the timeline, Tom riddle will still be a student at Hogwarts with slughorn as a professor and albus would be a teacher at this point and we get to see the original formation of the order of the Phoenix. And bellatrix would still be a student aswell. Do you see where this is going? Please i sincerely hope it’s along these lines as I am deeply fascinated and indulge in the entire storyline, especially the untold backstory.

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