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Billy Eichner The Lion King

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  1. Ken Hutchinson

    Well I do not care if your gay or not but do I want to start explaining that to a 2 year old. No be serious

  2. Harley

    Is he out of his mind! Do your research dude… Nathan lane is gay but never said timon is gay and hes played many straight roles as well hes a wonderful versatile actor that billy should take notes. Mind you i have many gay friends SO not being prejudice at all! BUT timon isnt gay actually he and nathan are the only 2 that have “played the role gay” apparently bc the broadway role was preformed by alot of straight performers! I know this bc i use to hangout w many in that cast lion king on broadway was my pride of sorts… Its not the fact a character in cartoons is gay or straight etc. Its no offense that way bc they are meant for children whom are most of the time too young to explain that too! We are a loving open world but we should be teaching our kids that and telling them its ok later in life if/when not a cartoon! Lets go back to loving and teaching our kids vs let the movie tv show tell em its okay etc.

    1. Matt9422

      Omg read the article. Billy said he doesn’t think timon is gay…

      And I hate when people voice openly their prejudice, then say oh I have gay friends, oh I have black friends, etc. I think if you did and told them your wonderful thoughts on how having gay representation in media where they have straight couples being shown in virtually every movie, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be your friend anymore.

      How long does a gay kid have to wait to feel good about him or
      Herself, just cause straight parents are uncomfortable with it?? I’m gay and I would t want to be your friend…

      1. Harley

        Yes that is what he is saying bc the whole article is about community involvement in the cartoons! Like him! Did you just come in to say i was a horrible person wo reading my further comments below??? Bc apparently you did my friends and i love each other i raised my son to be loved no matter what! But some people are not that doesnt mean to do exactly what every one else does and goes your straight so you hate us! Actually my friends love me i love them its all about love so stop! Like i said below in my comments i am straight but if my son was gay i would love him more i would be so proud of him! So please stop spreading hate before you read!

  3. MM

    Disappointed to read this comments thread, but not surprised. Many uneducated adults are incapable of distinguishing the difference between identity and sexual acts. Why would you have to explain the sexual acts between two men (animated characters, in this case) just because they are gay? When Nala and Simba have romantic scenes, do they ask you ‘why’ or is it just socially accepted that everyone is heterosexual until otherwise communicated? Do you have to explain how Nala and Simba have sex? Educate yourself before raising kids. It should be requirement.

    1. Harley

      Not starting an arguement but your uneducated and apparently did not get the point of the article and had to respond… there are no sexual acts as you put it in this article nor in this movie… i am proud to have friends whom are gay etc my child knows many of them and their relations and never asked questioned bc i taught and raised him differently but many others feel just like i do its our obligation as parents to be there not a cartoon! Do not respond before reading article and then saying i am uneducated i am from nyc and proud to know many people including mr. Lane personally so before you judge think! Thank you!

      1. Harley

        P.s. you remind me of someone i sadly had the displeasure of commenting to at frozen the musical (and i type this crying bc i again shouldnt have to explain myself) l overheard someone bc they were rudely spsaking loud enough to hear em (i also knew my son was the only boy there that day) and said boldly i cannot understand some parents! And i turned around and said wake up its not 1900s anymore and my son loves princesses and broadway! And i am proud hes different and if to you that makes him gay so be it! And if he one day does turn to me N says that i will love him even more and be so proud! As i am always to stand by my friends and always have so maybe you should think before you judge!

  4. Mark

    I think my friend harley has a great point! And yes i am gay and yes matt we disagree but thats what makes us best friends we could agree to disagree and still love each other! Your the one whose prejudice and spreading hate! People like billy are people whom shove being gay in peoples faces and we do not need representation everywhere this is why so many are aganist our community bc they see celebrities like billy etc open his mouth and then arguements on innocent websites forums etc blowup!! Its enough just spread the love!! Thank you!! Btw harley your son rocks and it was awesome to see him and you at pride parade day!

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