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Family fight at Disneyland

Source: SJP35 Production/Disney


  1. Jay

    Disney I haven’t ever heard positive things about your security. You need to step this up! This is a serious problem. I’ve heard of both CMs and Guests getting touched inappropriately and having their cars hit without any help from them. You need to work on this!

    1. Richard J Brown

      Please!!! bahaha The Security there is capping at $42K think they are a Military style Force????????

  2. Di

    It’s a wonderful day at the magical kingdom , not!

  3. Vicat Mauricio

    Wow, I no longer feel secure as an annual pass holder.

    1. Joe

      Shame on this ghetto trash. Nobody in the family seems concerned with the safety of the child that is with them, nor the safety of any of the children around them.

      Shame also on all the families just sitting around gawking. If you’re not directly involved, get your kids out of there ASAP. Situational awareness. This guy could have snuck a weapon in and just started shooting.

      Never trust your own safety to anyone else but yourself.

  4. Fighting over the last pork chop. OH the big one is down.

  5. Sandy

    First of all before all of you make judgement on Disneyland Security, Management or the other CMs, Disney has a no hands, don’t touch policy. If you look on the video there was a custodial worker, who tried to break it up before it got out of hand. Also in the video, there was a manager in plaid who was on the radio right away.

    Also at the top of the video, the heavier women stuck the man first. Now I am not saying it’s right or wrong to hit anyone. Also on the video the women in the scooter tried to run them over, to stop the fighting, perhaps. We will never know why this family fought in the first place. There were other family members there who did nothing or tried to stop the fighting. So before we place blame on Security, know all the facts!

    1. Marie

      It’s security’s job to keep things “secure”. They failed miserably. It should’ve never have reached this point, and it should have never gone on this long.

      1. Kevin Gardner

        Earthquake when the big girl goes down

    2. It’s security’s job to keep things “secure”. They failed miserably. It should’ve never have reached this point, and it should have never gone on this long.

    3. John H

      I don’t have a problem with not judging Disney Security to quickly, but I do have a problem of them not being responsible to respond to incidents more quickly and appropriately. Security should be able to respond quickly, if not who then. Other citizens? Like the man who ended up in the fight. I am willing to bet that he will not get anything for trying to help and might have medical bills that he will have to pay himself for being injured trying to stop others from fighting. You might say off duty first responders, well Disney Security won’t let off duty peace officers bring a pocket knife into the park. Yes people need to be held accountable for their own actions, but Disney Security needs to be held accountable for everyone’s safety.

    4. WA

      Normally Disney has excellent security but this is a domestic abuse call which are the most dangerous for any outsider. Keeping other people out of it and doing all they can to ensure nothing else continue is all they can do. Anaheim PD is always on premises in both parks and downtown Disney. This video shows Disney security talking the people down from their rage. I’m glad in didn’t get worst.

  6. Kennedy

    At the very least they should be charged with multiple counts of child abuse and neglect.
    Everyone involved is selfish and abusive and does not need to be around children ever.

  7. Marge

    This family should be banned from the park permanently. The language in a childrens park and violence could have led to a much worse situation. Charges, fines and arrests should have been made. No man should hit a woman..but there is no excuse for spitting in someones face! What kind of values (if any do you have???) These kids should not have been subject to that! Or anyone elses!!!!

    1. Elizabeth

      Marge, it is not a children’s park! It is a family park! The behavior was atrocious, for any park or any location. If they behave this way in public, how do they behave in private?

  8. Chris

    This could of been worse, Security sucks there! every knows it. There is a Law which they do not enforce it call disturbing the peace. The guy in the red shirt was the problem take out the problem and it stops.

  9. Aaron

    Security should have been there instantly and not after 31/2 minutes. This is ridiculous! This is a HAPPY place and it was turned into violence! Disney you have tons of money. Buy more security. All those people should have been in handcuffs and escorted behind the scenes as to not to interfere with other guests time and day!

    1. Old men and women acting like security guards. Thanks for the laugh. I mean, who in the hell would want to get in the middle of THAT ? M .I .C .K .E .Y…..
      Yousa bad mouse….would have loved to have a front seat to that.

  10. Jerry

    “Im ready to go to jail tonight”
    He said it himself, send his ass to prison! If this is the sort of behavior you get from people like this in a place like Disney, you can’t even begin to understand what kind of monster they are behind closed doors.

    1. Dee

      AMEN…..I agree 100% with Jerry!

  11. Kimberly

    Security used to be so tight even mild bullying was instantly stopped by large bouncer type security guards who would materialize out of walls. In the video you can see the female security officer was there the entire time, but never intervened until back up arrived. I cannot believe it took them so long to arrive.

  12. Jig

    Took a wrong turn in Toontown and saw a live performance of a bootleg Black Panther.

  13. RiloBeto

    Not even ONE of those jokes know how to fight LOL…they should stick to eating ice cream…literally one punch each one 1…and out zzzzzz

    It should never come to that but its so frustrating watching people not being able to help and end that assault

  14. Tyrone Brunson II

    What do you expect? This happened at Mickey’s Coon Town!

    1. TW

      How dare you? You’re just as ignorant as the people that were fighting. That was very offensive language. And the same goes to anyone else who has anything racist to say. They are idiots…yes but not cuz of their race. It’s their actions. I’ve seen all races fight in public and it I stupid no matter who does it. And what’s up with the coon word? Is it necessary? How would you feel if I used another c word to describe you or any stereotypical word? I wouldn’t do that cuz it’s childish and stupid. I am embarrassed for them. I’m not embarrassed for me or my race because we didn’t do it. I would never act that way so keep your labels to yourself. Take that sticker you keep attaching to us and shove it. I don’t care what rave you are, you are a part of the problem that society is dealing with today and I feel sad for you because you had to resort to going for their race. That’s the best you could do smh. I’m praying for you…hopefully you’ll learn to leave those stereotypes to yourself. God bless!

    2. Adam

      How did this comment make it past moderation?

  15. I grew up near and around Disneyland. I have never seen a display of uncaring human behavior!!! This family and its members spoiled the happiness that Disney represents! I hope the Disney Company does not allow this family to return to any of their parks!! I also believe that the Security took too long to arrive at the scene and get the situation under control!!!

  16. Kim a Flores

    i’m disappointed that all these ” grown ups” thought that putting their hands on each other was the answer to this altercation. I do hope they all get charged, and the charges stick. They need to learn that we don’t live in a reality TV show, we don’t behave that way in a civilized society. We need to stop ” kicking ur @##” when someone says that to me, I inform them that they will not because I will call 911 and drop the phone so fast they won’t know hit them. Time to grow up ppl.

  17. MdMc

    Is this normal for men to just attack women like this? Beating them in the face, yanking their hair etc? Throwing them onto the ground? I have literally never physically hit any member of my family other than my brother when we were little kids. That man is dangerous. He knew that the entire place was watching him and he didn’t care. He said “I’m going to jail tonight!” Hopefully he goes for much longer than one night

  18. Fyi

    I don’t think immediately means what they think it does. That fight went on a long time without any security in sight.

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