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Disneyland fight

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    Well the Anaheim PD need to get the footage of who ever took it. It came out the next morning if not that night. They need to do their job and investigate further.

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    Guarantee one of the people involved has an outstanding warrant for something.

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      kenneth watkins

      I thought the same thing cause he was and did get the heck out of there.

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      I can only imagine what their poor children are subjected to when the doors are closed – what they hear and what they see and how they are treated. These people clearly have no emotional control and should be ashamed of themselves for subjecting other Disney guests to such an erratic display of behavior. They should all be arrested for this episode and the only “investigation” needed should be done by social services in deciding whether or not these people should have children in their homes. Shame on Anaheim PD if they don’t pursue them.

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      Oh yeah I’m sure they have warrants, they have to they’re black. ALL black people have warrants, don’t they?

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    If my kids were anywhere near that disgusting display of stupidity I would sue Disney for all I could. Where was security? When the Barney Fife squad finally showed it was like a dog and pony show with nobody doing anything to stop the morons.

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      Hey Don’t blame Disney. Blame the family for fighting in a place they’re not supposed to. Disney didn’t initiate the fight, the family did.

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      Ziva Goldman

      And you would be laughed out of court!
      Don’t want to see it or have your kids witness it, then walk away.

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      Why would you sue Disneyland, your statement makes no sense to me.

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      Are you serious? That statement might be dumber than the people fighting.

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      What kind a liberal dumb ass would blame Disney for the actions of these morons!? Biggest issue we face today is the HUGE lack of personal responsibility. I can’t wait to hear the spin about how it isn’t their fault etc. Probably society’s fault for the racial tension or some BS like that. Disney should sue THEM for disrupting their business you tool!

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        Why label them a liberal? You’re a tool too.

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        Racial tension is BS? There was only one race involved

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    Tuck Frump

    Sue Disney because some idiots don’t know how to behave in public?! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard…almost as ridiculous as people fighting, in Disneyland, having it recorded and THEN saying it never happened (gaslight, much?)

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    I’m with you William, people are always trying to get their payday never thinking who actually pays….US

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      How did the president get in this, just like a snowflake to make every bad thing that has ever happened somehow relate to the president just move on already you can vote next year I don’t care about politics right now this is ridiculous. The nitwits fighting in public will hopefully get taken care of from a legal standpoint and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the video came from another family member.

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    If the Disney employees got involved, Disney could be sued by the family or the Disney employee could be killed or hurt during the confusion of the fight. Then the family of the employee would sue that family and Disney. The ONLY option to avoid an employee getting hurt, killed or sued is to move guests away from the fight, contact police, and wait.

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      Anyone not under a rock could see how disgustingly violent their altercation became. We ALL still remember something called facts, right? Sadly, even on video our President gets away clean from his own repugnant behavior by denying it ever happened. Why shouldn’t this family lie, deny it, and get away from it? There are child-like
      TWEETS and political videos calling facts FAKE NEWS. More power to this family for being so Presidential in their cunning manipulation of the facts.

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    These people shouldn’t owe pets!!!! What are they doing with kids!!!!

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    The Dude

    There was no fighting going on here. Just a fuktard baby Huey beating on women like normal. The only real fighting was when that moron got choked out.

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    Extinction Level Event

    Is that Busta Rhymes?

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    The Anaheim PD needs to get off their butts and really stop talking about what they are going to do- only if yet another serious event of domestic violence occurs like this one last week. Disney and Anaheim PD–you already know that you have every legal right to file charges and prosecute these dangerous people. You should be taking action and showing your guest that you care as much about the guest as you do your reputation! What’s more concerning is how Disneyland nor the PD were able to intervene and control the crisis for over 15 minutes thus failing to properly protect hundreds of innocent families and children present. Furthermore, it seems that the Anaheim PD and Disneyland are working hand in hand to keep this matter demonstrating a clear lack of security at the Disney Parks under wraps. Sad to see Disney and the Anaheim PD have their priories backwards. Disney will not see my family long time visitor anytime soon given your poor handling of security.

    Jim- Philadelphia

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