Comments for Disneyland attractions close AGAIN after SoCal’s largest earthquake in decades


Credit: Disney


  1. matthew cerra

    I am currently visiting Las Vegas, and I I noticed the shaking by the pool – but I teach middle school kids about this stuff. I checked the usgs site to confirm.

    1. Hun

      Wow good for you.

  2. Ryan Cameron

    I was on Smuggler’s Run in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the time of the quake. The ride was just coming to an end, and instead of the cabin doors opening as expected there was some slight shaking and Hondo character said something about stowaways and the video footage looked like moved to a new landing position. Honestly thought it was a glitch in the ride. Didn’t realize any extra snaking was not part of the ride until I saw reports on facebook about it after the fact.

  3. S.E.Ware

    I was just about to go in the preshow for Guardians when my dad said the ground was shaking. I turn around and the armor by the screen was shaking. I freaked out. I had just got walk off Hyperspace too.

  4. Kyle

    In Tokyo Disney this would’ve been just a small blurb and they would’ve not even reacted to some ‘slight shaking’ and made a bunch of jokes about it.

  5. Matty

    I live in Anaheim and… didn’t feel anything, ha. I think it’s the building I live in. I’ve felt tiny quakes nearby a few times while my partner was at home and he didn’t feel them and vice versa.

  6. Angela

    I was at Disneyland today and was walking around Galaxy’s Edge but didn’t feel it at all.

  7. Gaby

    I was in Carsland and we didn’t feel a thing or have any disruptions in rides. It was a nice quiet morning over on the California Adventure side.

  8. Gregory Dimino

    I don’ live in an earthquake prone area or visited one. However I did get to be in an earthquake when the 5.8 rare earthquake hit Virginia in 2011. I was at teacher orientation for my 1st day as a special ed teacher. I remember the ceiling and the school building shaking. I also remember the presenter being from California realizing it was an earthquake and bracing herself in the doorway. I also remember it did sink in right away what was happening as we were close to Quantico and their testing they do at times. Also remember when we evacuated the building could not make a call as the cellular network went down. I also saw on the news that day that it was felt up and down the entire eastern seaboard as far north as Toronto. It definitely a unusual and unexpected experience.

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