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Couple rides every Disneyland attraction in one day

Credit: Disney / Lizzie Bingham


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    Jonathon Hernandez

    It’s not that hard specially when disneyland is not as busy I can do it in my sleep specially when they open from 8-12 you can get everything done by 5 pm even on a busy day

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      I hope disney is listening how can you charge people in california so much money to get in your disneyland. do you know how hard it is for people to afford to take their kids to Disneyland. First you got pay to park then to get in and thats over 100.00s and food because your not aloud to bring food in even for tots and what about a toy for the kids. Its so exspensive to buy any toy or even candy. Now they are talking about charging you to go in for each section of disneyland for example toontown it really makes me mad disneyland. My husband make pretty dare good money we cant even afford to take grandkids. It would cost me about alittle over 500.00 dollars just to walk in. Disneyland should be ashamed of themselfs. If i were more brave i would get 100 people amd boycot disneyland and get awhole of the news for help. They sure would love a nice scandal. Amuzement parks are for familys not only the rich.

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        There’s no talk of charging for different sections of the park.

        I agree, it is expensive, and I do think they need to make the pricing a little more affordable for families.

        But please don’t go spreading false information about charging per land or anything else like that.

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