Comments for Walt Disney World guests stuck in hot Monorail while heading to Magic Kingdom

Monorail stalls


  1. Betty

    I avoid the monarail because of the chance of it breaking down or stall. Im highly clausetophia and i would proably start to freak out especially if there was no ac.

    1. Colleen

      Betty I feel exactly the same as you. I force myself to ride with my kids but am on edge till I’m off. I won’t board if it’s crowded already.

  2. Car

    Why are they all so hot ?!? They used to be super cool with AC! Can you find out?

    1. Melanie Durham

      They are air conditioned, that one happened to break down for some reason! I’ve been on some when the air is not blowing very well!

  3. Steve

    Was on one that broke down 2 years ago and it took us 2 hours to get to the MK.

  4. Al

    What’s the status of the new monorail trains? A year ago I saw a video of an imagineer saying the contract has been awarded for new trains.

  5. 15 minutes a long time ago, signals failed. You would think they would have an emergency power back up for AC, or solar panels, independent of track power. Monorail system needs overhaul and equipment replacement.

  6. Ronda Lewis

    It was 50 minutes to be exact.
    By the time we finally got off the monorail, took a fairy with a good 1 hour wait, went to guest relations, we finally entered the park at around noon. We started out at the monorail at 830. Wow
    It was miserable to say the least. The emergency call did not even work on the monorail.
    Shame on Disney! After going through all this, we were compensated with $25 gift card vs the money we spent on tickets!
    It ruined our day and started us out with heat exhaustion!

    1. Susan

      Now I feel bad for whining because we were sitting on the monorail waiting to go…but we were not hot.

  7. Natalie.

    We got stuck on it too on Tuesday , very terrifying had to take out windows as the heat was extreme

  8. Bobbi

    We were there on our honeymoon in 2013. We got stuck on the monrail for 45 min. I was freaking out .

  9. Harley

    Why i try to make sure i am in early enough in am to take the bus over from ttc or park at another park and take the bus! There needs to honestly be another option like the bus not just in the am or the boat that takes way too long bc its so overcrowded bc issues w the monorail. Its getting crazy! And i feel bad for all that get stuck or god forbid injured etc. Or even simply have cms waiting with water bottles or something for people after they get off and assistance esp in this heat!

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