Comments for Disney World guest reports a missing firearm replaced with a stapler

Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Adam

    As an Australian reading this I am so shocked that anyone would leave a loaded gun in a car and have it valet parked! That is so absurd. Is it just in the glovebox bouncing around the whole time? Or did the owner just leave it there because it didn’t match their outfit for dinner?! Unbelievable.

    1. James

      Most firearms are perfectly fine “bouncing” around in a glove box, especially smaller boxes where there isn’t as much wiggle room for the firearm. In the state of Florida, you can leave your firearm in a glove box of a locked car if the establishment either allows it or doesn’t deal primarily with explosives. As for the valet part, the resorts sometime don’t have enough normal parking spaces and you have to resort to valet parking. Disney does not allow firearms to be carried inside their properties and asks guests with guns to store them in their vehicles or in safes at the resort lobbies. Both options rely on the guest to trust that Disney has reliable staff that will not allow a vehicle or safe to be compromised under their supervision.

      1. Brandon

        This is actually an inaccurate statement. Guests under any circumstance are not allowed to leave a firearm in their vehicle while it is on Disney property. It must be checked with security. No exceptions. Disney also does not take any responsibility for vehicles, or the property inside the vehicle while they are self parked. That is why they instruct you to remove all valuables from your vehicle.

    2. Tom

      Adam where did you get that the gun was loaded?

      1. Adam

        Why would you carry a gun on you at all times if it wasn’t ready to be used? The whole idea of people carrying guns everywhere they go is so culturally different to how we live in our country. To leave a gun in your glovebox in Australia would be so shocking it would probably make the news! Haha – if one eS stolen from a glovebox it would be outrageous. Our countries are so alike in so many ways but really different on this subject.

  2. Christopher

    Hey let’s go to the most magical place on earth!

    Ok, where’s my gun?

  3. Andrew

    Using valet parking but locking your glove box is like locking your front door but leaving the window wide open. I understand taking your firearm with you and locking it up if you self park, but this is pure stupidity. It’s a shame that people steal but that same reason you are carrying is because you know those evils are out there.

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