Comments for Disney pulls #MeToo scene from Toy Story 2’s re-release

#MeToo scene from "Toy Story 2"

Credit: Disney/Pixar


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    i’m glad the Me Too Scene was removed from the set. Not everything has to be about real life and what’s going on. Disney movies are a real world escape to a far off land or PlZZA PLANET!

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    I don’t think it mattered if they left it or not. Most people would already have the original DVDs and blu rays that included it. Too many people are re-making and re-editing movies that everyone grew up with just because they are trying not to offend someone.

    Like the opening song in Aladdin : Original – “Where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face” and the Re-edited in a different voice – “Where its flat and immense and the heat is intense”. We already knew the words, it was just telling of what happens in some middle eastern places and it was only one line in the entire movie.

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    If we keep trimming, editing and boycotting movies which are part of our pop culture we will be doomed to repeat past mistakes. Leave the scenes, re-release the movies in full. Learn from them, don’t ignore them. This goes for Song if the South as well. Sigh.

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    Pretty despicable for anyone to think that scene is okay. Who cares if it’s a part of the legacy? Kids don’t need to see that dirty, horrific side of the industry.

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